The NFL's Most EXPLOSIVE Runs of 2011
8 years ago
Thanks for watching my 3rd annual EXPLOSIVE runs video! Not my greatest video, but still incredibly fun to make. 7 or 8 great runs were left out due to time constraints. If you see a few 50+ yarders missing here or there, you know why. All video footage copyright of, but legally reproduced here in conjunction with Fair Use laws. NO BIAS WAS USED WHEN MAKING EITHER OF THE 3 VIDEOS I HAVE PUBLISHED. I AM A FOOTBALL FAN SHOWING A BUNCH OF RUNS TO OTHER FOOTBALL FANS FOR ENJOYMENT. I AM NOT OUT TO SPITE YOU OR YOUR FAVORITE PLAYER BY LEAVING A RUN OUT! SONG LIST! (for those interested) 1st - Naruto Shippuden OST - Lightning Speed 2nd - Mark Petrie - From Within 3rd - Audiomachine - Legions of Doom (no choir) 4th - Two Steps from Hell - Exodus 5th - Audio Network - Launch Pad 6th - Music Junkies - Tipping Point All credit for the songs go to their amazing, respective owners and creators. I own nothing made. Absolutely NO profits are being made off of this or any other video on my page. Like Madden Highlights? Check em' out!:
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The NFL's Most EXPLOSIVE Runs of 2011
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