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Hit show 'Resident Alien' returns to earth for season 2

4 months ago
One of the SyFy channels breakout shows of 2021 is set to launch today. Evening's Jim Dever spoke with actor Alan Tudyk about season 2 of Resident Alien. Below is a transcript of the interview. ALAN: "Hey, Jim!" JIM: “Hey, Alan how you doing?” ALAN: "I'm good, man. Thank you." JIM: “Ok, you're in Vancouver right now, I’m here in Seattle. We're basically neighbors at this point.” ALAN: "Hey, Seattle. Nice city, man." JIM: "Yeah, I think we like it here. So where do you shoot your show up in BC?" ALAN: "Near Burnaby and then just around. We shoot the other cabin and all of that stuff right by Squamish. There's a beautiful little bay there that we shoot in." JIM: "Oh yeah on the way to Whistler. That's a beautiful, beautiful area. Listen everyone who is cool is watching 'Resident Alien.' But there might be one person out there that didn't get the memo. How do you describe the show to them?" ALAN: "'Resident Alien' is about an alien that I play. He was coming down to drop off a little bomb, extinction-level event, he was going to destroy all of humanity. And he accidentally crashed lands and loses the bomb. And he ends up, he finds this cabin and there's this guy living in it. So he kills him. And then he takes his identity. And he learns to be a human. And slowly starts to learn more and more about the people he's meant to kill. And he starts to get emotions. He learns about pizza. There's a lot of great things." JIM: "Well, eating pizza is one of the great human experiences. So on the show, you get to be sort of a human, your character is playing a human and yet still has to be an alien. How do you make that balance?" ALAN: "Well, you know the alien, Harry, he took over this body and he's sort of working it like a puppet. He's sort of figuring out how to make it move and how to make this mouth make sounds. So he watches a lot of 'Law and Order.' And he learns from TV, how to how to speak. It's a pretty nutty show, but it's very, very fun and challenging as an actor." JIM: "Ok, so give us a little glimpse of what we can look forward to in season 2?" ALAN: "There's just a lot of different things happening. The town is changing. There's still Linda Hamilton here trying to find the alien. There still may be a threat from aliens coming here, even though Harry isn't gonna blow up the Earth. That doesn't mean he's the last one. So yeah, it's just the whole world is expanding." JIM: "All right, Alan, it’s been great talking to you and I’m so looking forward to season 2 of 'Resident Alien.'" ALAN: "My pleasure. Thank you very much." Season 2 of Resident Alien airs tonight at 9:00 p.m. on the SyFy channel. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Evening on KING 5 celebrates the Northwest. Watch it LIVE weekdays at 7:30 on KING 5 or streaming on Find more stories like this on our website: 🢒 Follow us! 🢐 FACEBOOK 🢒 TWITTER 🢒 INSTAGRAM 🢒
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