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2 weeks ago
VOTE IN MY POLL: Overall Records: Congrats to NP88 on winning the season contest! I will send a message to the email you entered in the poll to determine how I should send your prize! If this isn’t a good way to reach you, leave a comment and we’ll find another way to verify! INTRODUCING MY 2022 PLAYOFF CONTEST! LIKE DURING THE REGULAR SEASON, FILL OUT MY POLL EACH WEEK DURING THE PLAYOFFS AND PICK WHICH TEAM WILL WIN EACH GAME. DUE TO THE SMALL NUMBER OF GAMES DURING THE PLAYOFFS, YOU WILL ALSO PICK THE SCORE FOR EACH GAME TO SERVE AS A TIEBREAKER. CHECK THE DESCRIPTION TO SEE HOW THIS WILL BE CALCULATED. PREVIOUS RECORDS WILL NOT COUNT FOR THIS CONTEST, SO DON’T WORRY IF YOU DIDN’T PARTICIPATE DURING THE REGULAR SEASON! For each game, you will receive 50 points for correctly picking the winner. You can earn up to an additional 50 points based on how close you were to the actual score. The total score for each game will be added together each week. At the end of the playoffs, the weekly scores will be weighed as follows: Wild Card: 25% Divisional: 25% Conference Championship: 25% Super Bowl: 25% Music:
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