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THIS Is Why The New York Knicks Improved Drastically.. | 2021 NBA News (RJ Barrett, Kemba Walker)

3 months ago
The New York Knicks have undoubtedly been one of, if not the HOTTEST team to start the 2021-22 NBA season and with many reasons as to why. With their offseason additions of Kemba Walker and Evan Fournier thriving in their new offense, their teams overall increased ability to shoot from deep, and their returning key stars in players like Julius Randle, RJ Barrett, Derrick Rose, etc, this New York Knicks team is looking to take over the NBA landscape for the foreseeable future. Winning big games time and time again already to start the year, the stats do not lie that this Knicks offense is better than ever, and is leading to the high levels of success we’ve seen in Madison Square Garden. Out of everything we’ve seen from the New York Knicks into this 2021 NBA season, RJ Barret might deserve more credit than anyone if we’re being honest. This man continues to prove that he can be an NBA superstar, as in just his 3rd year at 21 years old, RJ Barrett is dominating his competition night in and night out. And then as we said, the newest New York Knicks in Kemba Walker and Evan Fournier are starting to fit in much nicer as the season has progressed compared to when we originally kicked off the year. To say the least, the New York Knicks roster thus far looks SCARY, and they look like they’re on pace to exceed the expectations that were placed on them from the 2021 NBA offseason moves they had made. This video includes 2021 New York Knicks highlights, also including topics like kemba walker knicks, rj barrett highlights, rj barrett knicks, kemba walker rj barrett, knicks highlights 2021, knicks vs bulls, knicks rj barrett, rj barrett superstar, new york knicks news, knicks nba 2021, julius randle knicks, evan fournier knicks, etc, which I do not own ANY of the rights to whatsoever, as these are intended to be used under the guidelines of fair use through YouTube. Also, give me ideas for other NBA videos, news, and discussions I should cover in the future. I read ALL comments. Thank you so much for the support guys. TWITTER: TIKTOK: MY HOOPS DIGEST TIKTOK: TWITCH: INSTAGRAM: #nba #knicks #basketball
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