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Why DELTARUNE Chapter 2 Took So Long to Make

1 month ago
Oh look, DELTARUNE Chapter 2 is here! Toby Fox, creator of both UNDERTALE and DELTARUNE, has revealed that the second episodic chunk of this monster-befriending RPG is to debut on PC and Mac on the 17th of September 2021. If it feels like a really long time since the first chapter of DELTARUNE dropped, that's because it really has been a long time! DELTARUNE Chapter 1 was released on Halloween 2018, nearly three years ago. So why did Chapter 2 take so long? What was Toby doing all this time that meant that this next instalment wasn't ready sooner? Turns out, part of the reason for the delay was due to the need to plan the full game out. The delay was also due in part to experimentation as Toby and his team looked at different ways to create the game. One big roadblock, though, was the fact that Toby suffered severe pain in his wrist which meant he wasn't able to work for long without taking breaks. The moral of the story? Some things take time, and sometimes, to get something finished, you've got to take the breaks you need. Lots of love, BretonStripes ( and Kotor ( Sources:
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