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Hailey Bieber EXPOSED For STALKING Selena Gomez On Social Media!

1 month ago
Hailey Bieber EXPOSED For STALKING Selena Gomez On Social Media! Subscribe To Celebrity Zone ➜ WATCH NEXT 👇 Related Videos: Gigi Hadid Reveals Hailey Bieber STALKS Selena Gomez Every Day (IG Live) The Weeknd Speaks on Selena Gomez Being Better than Bella Hadid Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez - from beginning (2009) to end (2019) Selena Gomez Shades Justin Bieber For Being Toxic Justin Bieber - Peaches ft. Daniel Caesar, Giveon Celebrity Zone - Celebrity Zone is the #1 celebrity channel for all celebrity news. Some of our videos will be about celebrities like Ellen, Jojo Siwa, Billie Eilish, 6ix9ine, Ariana Grande, Justin Bieber, Johnny Depp, Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, Mr Beast, PewDiePie and more. #celebrity #celebrityzone #justinbieber Don’t even try to lie, you’ve at least once checked your ex’s new homebody to find out a little something about their previously sparked relationship. If you can’t relate, Hailey Bieber most certainly can, but the difference is, the whole world knows about it. Justin Bieber, and Selena Gomez have a pretty rich and dramatic history, thanks to the fans of course, and it’s no secret that the fans can’t stop shipping Selena and Justin, despite the fact, he’s already married to Hailey Baldwin. Hailey must have felt insecure at the beginning of their relationship, considering how much media coverage Jelena has and still has, and how publicized their relationship was. Whether or not the couple does fight about the whole Jelena situation was made known when Hailey was spotted in a Harry Potter-themed Universal Studios comforting Justin during a mental breakdown episode. Hailey was overheard by a fan saying, “Why is it always about Selena?”, but despite this statement, Hailey continued to help calm the singer down. Justin’s breakdown clearly had something to do with Selena, but with how frequent this has happened, this isn’t all that surprising to many. It seems that the past relationship of Jelena didn’t just take a toll on Selena but also with her former counterpart, Justin. Selena has opened up to an interview about how their past relationship was mentally exhausting, and how it caused her to gain trust issues. Fans went as far as to speculate that Hailey Bieber might as well be a fan of hers since she was reportedly following and unfollowing Selena on Instagram, again and again, multiple times. From Balenciaga sweatshirts to the same hot Pilates studio, fans are convinced that Hailey consciously made these decisions. After all, with multiple Plates studios in Los Angeles, what are the chances they both go to the same one? But it appears like fate is always on their side because these two ladies were never in the same building at the same time, although this might be Selena’s doing since she prefers having private sessions with a personal trainer. Despite this, however, the two women try to steer clear from one another as much as they can to stop rumors from speculating, or at least try to. Selena Gomez is not just a pop star and a CEO, she’s also a fashion icon, Gomez was seen sporting a Balenciaga sweatshirt in the streets of L.A. Though this piece isn’t exclusive for Selena, and it was common though but only a few could afford the original, of course, fans went on to say that Hailey copied her style when she was seen wearing the same sweatshirt with Justin Bieber. Hailey Bieber’s outfit looked similar to Selena’s but then again, it was a pretty generic outfit with black pants and black shoes, but, to the eyes of the public, this wasn’t an important detail. It seems like sweatshirts weren’t the only thing they had in common, Hailey’s recent finger tattoo with the letter J, symbolizing Justin, looked familiar and like a certain someone’s ring. If you’ve been a Jelena fan since day one, then you probably know that Justin gave the co-artist a real diamond promise ring with the letter J on it. You see, this would’ve passed for a coincidence because it was a common J design but how the letter was written and how the fonts looked incredibly alike wasn’t easily let go by fans. Once again, an internet witch hunt was on to Hailey for copying Gomez, but from Hailey’s perspective, she wouldn’t have known right? We’re guessing not, but considering back in the early 2010s, she expressed her support for the love team Jelena, meaning she was a fan of the two, so she could have known about the ring. I mean it did make news as the public speculated that these former superstars were already getting married.
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