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Tyson Fury Says Wilder Believed His Own Hype Thinking That He Can't Be Beat - Does He Have A Point?

2 months ago
In an exclusive interview with Seconds Out. Tyson Fury told Radio Rahim that Deontay Wilder believed his own hype by thinking that he couldn't be beaten & that he was unbeatable. Because Wilder had so many yes men and people in his camp who told him so, that he couldn't handle the fact that he got smashed to pieces. And it must be a crazy pill for him to swallow. Fury also said that the reason why Wilder believed his own hype was because people told him that he had a powerful right hand and that everyone was afraid of him before they stepped in the ring. This is why he could handle defeat. He explained that throughout history, fighters of the past who were bullies like the great Sonny Liston, George Foreman, Mike Tyson & Don Curry. These fighters were knocking everybody out until they got beaten & then they started losing even more fights afterwards. Radio Rahim Interview with Malik Scott: Radio Rahim Interview with Tyson Fury:
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