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St. George's Day Special: English Identity & Patriotism. Is It Important to Celebrate England?
2 weeks ago
To mark St. George's Day, this week's #NCFCounterCulture examines Englishness, English identity & patriotism. Joining Peter Whittle are: * Prof. Robert Tombs. One of Britain's most distinguished historians, Prof. Tombs is Professor Emeritus of French History at Cambridge University and is the author of the critically-acclaimed book: "The English & Their History" * Rafe Heydel-Mankoo of the New Culture Forum. Rafe is an historian, broadcaster and an expert on British (and English) institutions and symbols of sovereignty. --------------- SUBSCRIBE: If you are enjoying the show, please subscribe to our channel on YouTube (click the Subscribe Button underneath the video and then Click on the Bell icon next to it to make sure you Receive All Notifications) AUDIO: If you prefer Audio you can subscribe on itunes or Soundcloud. Soundcloud: itunes: SUPPORT/DONATE: The New Culture Forum channel is still very new and to continue to produce quality programming we need your support. Your donations will help ensure the channel not only continues but can grow into a major online platform challenging the cultural orthodoxies dominant in our institutions, public life and media. PAYPAL/ CARD PAYMENTS - ONE TIME & MONTHLY: You can donate in a variety of ways via our website: It is set up to accept one time and monthly donations. ABOUT THE SHOWS: So What You're Saying Is... (SWYSI) & NCF CounterCulture are weekly discussion show with experts and significant figures from the political, cultural and academic worlds. The host is Peter Whittle (@PRWhittle), Founder & Director of The New Culture Forum, a Westminster-based think tank that seeks to challenge the cultural orthodoxies dominant in the media, academia, and British culture / society at large. JOIN US ON SOCIAL MEDIA: Web: F: Y: T: (@NewCultureForum) #England #Englishness #SaintGeorge #EnglishIdentity #StGeorgesDay #SaintGeorgesDay
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St. George's Day Special: English Identity & Patriotism. Is It Important to Celebrate England?
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