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Kanye West Speaks The TRUTH On Why Kim Kardashian Divorced Him!!
2 months ago
Kanye West Speaks The TRUTH On Why Kim Kardashian Divorced Him!! Subscribe to The Spotlight 👉 WATCH NEXT: ▶️ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ RELATED VIDEOS:👇 Now let us get on with the video by bringing on some stunning facts about this couple. The celebs have been married for 7 years and have 4 adorable kids together. They even had dated for a while before getting married in 2014. We were all kind of glad Kim waited for a while before tying the knot, unlike the joke her previous marriages turned out to be due to her bad choice, poor fate, and of course haste to get hitched! The marriage between Kim and Kanye proved to be couple goals for the industry, for their fans, and most importantly their kids. Both Kim and Kanye are superstars whom the world knows. Their marriage to each other made them even stronger. Kanye truly loved Kim right from the start, with him having his eyes on her and crossing bridges to get the woman of his dreams. Unfortunately, after spending 7 long years, the couple has decided to call it quits, leaving their fans heartbroken and disappointed. We all are quite aware that the Kardashians are known for their reality show “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” whose last season is done filming and is to be released this year. The Kardashians also promised a massive grand finale to this reality sitcom that has been running for almost one and a half decades now. Let us step away from KUWTK, and hop onto the seriousness that the divorce is attracting, as well as, what caused this decision to be taken by both Kim and Kanye. Hold on to your seats and we spill some juicy gossip about these two celebs and the fate of their marriage. According to sources, Kim has been the one dragging on this marriage by forgiving him for the countless mistakes that he keeps making. Marriage a two-way street, not a one-way road, as that would surely lead to a dead end! Kim Kardashian finally gave up on this marriage after one particular incident blew up in 2020. The hype of Kanye running for President at one point was all people were talking about. Poor Kim back home was panic-stricken about her husband’s endeavors along with being terribly heartbroken. After the intervention of another celebrity couple, Kim and Kanye finally communicated after what seemed like a really long time. Which celebrity couple was this that intervened to help the couple? Justin and Hailey Beiber! North West, Kanye’s and Kim’s oldest daughter was the only child of theirs to know that things between her mom and dad weren’t all well. Especially since her dad had gone MIA since the summer of 2020, not living with them anymore. Word spreads fast in the film industry and the news of the turmoil in Kim’s and Kanye’s marriage spread like wildfire. Were the rumors about Jeffree Star and Kanye West true? With all that happening, Jeffree Starr did not fail to play a major part in making things worse between the pair. Jeffree is known to be an attention seeker and does not miss out on any chance to strut his way into the spotlight. Rumors of Kanye dating Jeffree were making their rounds on the internet leaving poor Kanye in a pretty pathetic state and Jeffree with more stardom. Many state that the truth about this divorce will come out only in the final season of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, which is to be released in the month of March 2021. Maybe this was the big reveal and this would be the theme of season 20 of this show, ending the show with a bang. The Kardashian sisters and momanger Kris Jenner, are awfully quiet about this series of events. The Kardashians are known to have their word to be superior to the words of anyone who is trying to get into a tiff with them. The non-Kardashian members end up claiming to face discrimination on entering the family. This is what Kanye claimed and the same set of words have been spoken by Blac Chyna about the family too. Kanye is also known to have been suffering from depression and even has been diagnosed with a bipolar condition. With no one telling our curious souls about the divorce and about what’s going to happen next, we are left to resort to season 20 of Keeping up With the Kardashians, expected to release on March 18th with its first episode and March 25th with its second episode, to provide us with the deets of this divorce. kim kardashian files for divorce kanye west divorce kim and kanye divorce clevver news thatumbrellaguy kuwtk #KimyeDivorce #KanyeWestDivorced #KimKardashianDivorces #KUWTU #TheSpotlight #NorthWest #KimKardashian #KanyeWest #KylieJenner #ClevverNews #Celeb
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Kanye West Speaks The TRUTH On Why Kim Kardashian Divorced Him!!
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