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2 months ago
Waddup PIMPS! Today I will be bringing you guys a Wandavision inspired team! So yeah I watched Wandavision and the finale just dropped a few hours ago. I FREAKING LOVE WANDAVISION. Even tho when I started watching I felt like the series is taking it slow (which I don't like hehe) but starting episode 3 Everything just became epic. I will simp for Elizabeth Olsen anyday lul. I tried a new editing style for the team edits to cover the team in real quick (so that those who want to be 'competitive' can see the team) and for those who came in for fun can just jump in right to the action. I also tried trimming the video down to around 10 to 15 minutes, and tried a new thumbnail style. Also I might try becoming a singing channel lel. So yea comment down below what you guys think! Back to the team. I have Wanda here as Hatterene. I have a physical Haterene with leftovers and swords dance. Play Rough and Psyco Cut for STAB and Power Whip for bulky ground / water types. The red melloetha thingy might be good but I feel like this is better (cuz Hatterene's a witch). Next we have Vision as Scizor. Both normal and shiny Scizor kinda fits vision lel. For this guy I ran a kinda meta style. I gave this guy swords dance to set up, bullet punch for priority and STAB, Fury cutter to stack up damage and wide lens so that Fury Cutter can't miss. This guy comes in very clutch on the last battle (make sure to watch till the end to push the channel watch time lel). The best villain of the MCU with a banger theme song is here as Mismagius. This gal is the MVP of the team. It has the bulk, it has the set up move, thunder wave, it has the STAB Hex (you see the reference), and sucker punch for priority. This gal is the whole package man. INSANE. Ralph Bohner is here as Shiny Rapidash that is not that quick. Tried a throat spray Echoed voice set, didn't really worked out. Gave it flamethrower and Scorching Sands for attacking and Agility to try and become Quicksilver (which obv this rapidash failed omegalul). The light hero has arrived! Photon! As the electric Ultra Beast herself. Kinda conventional set with Z Hypnosis, calm mind, and Thunderbolt but I gave this guy substitute for setting up. So ground types basically just rekts her but... I got to make an epic big PP play on the second battle with the Greninja so make sure you flippin watch the video. Last but not least we got White / Spectral Vision. Kinda like that guy's design with the whole blue and white aesthetic lel. And I ran a hone claws physical Duraludon with Body Slam for Hax, Dragon Claw for STAB and Brick Break for other steel bois. Team is kinda alright. Feels good to use an unpopular pokemon in the metagame lul. And yea I might make a separate videotalking about the series, if you guys want it? Comment down lel! Epic Agatha All Along Instrumental : 🐾🐾TIMESTAMPS🐾🐾 00:00 Intro 00:57 Team Recap 01:21 Clutch Critical Hit! 04:01 BIG BRAIN PLAYS! 08:56 Vision Epic Comeback! 13:13 Outro Here is the team if you guys want to use this team : Heyy there ma man! Discord Server : Twitch : For more content please subscribe and give this video a thumbs up and also don't forget to follow my social media! Instagram : Twitter : Facebook : Also check out me Playlist :D Le tutoriale Playlist : Showdown Randoms Playlist : Showdown Metronome Playlist : Showdown Theme Team Playlist : Showdown Ubers Playlist : Pokemon Emerald Extreme Randomizer Nuzlocke : Pokemon Red Randomizer Nuzlocke : Generation Trials : Viewer Suggestion : Alpha Sapphire Randomizer Nuzlocke Playlist : #PokemonShowdown #ShowdownSalt #SwordandShield #pokémon #pokemonshowdownsalt #pokemonshowdownsalty #pokemonswordshield #pokemonswordandshield #pokemonsword #pokemonshield #PokemonThemeTeam #wandavision #kathrynhahn #monica #wanda #vision #marvel #mcu #whoisagathaharkness #agnesvillain #wandavisonepisode9 #wandavisionfinale #wandavisionending#iswandaevilnow #ThemeTeam #WandaVisionThemeTeam
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