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The TRUTH About Agatha Harkness! [WandaVision Explained]
1 month ago
Agnes is a mysterious character in WandaVision, but did you know that she's actually a powerful witch?! • Subscribe for more: • Support us on Patreon: • Tweet at me: Special thanks to our Patrons for helping make this possible! Doc's Comics & Games, Bonnie Davies, Rasmus Jansell, Senita Mahoney, Jonathan & Megan Pierson, David Adler, Ralph Braganzan, Ethan Dannen, Yoav Haimovitz, Skylar Lewis-Shirley, LookWhosFhtagn, Casper Qvortrup, Red Deity, Andrew Shaffer, Talentless Hack, Vydal Tags: #WandaVision #ScarletWitch #Vision
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The TRUTH About Agatha Harkness! [WandaVision Explained]
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