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A WHOLE THEME SONG?! we are WINNING | wandavision episode 7 reaction & commentary!!
5 days ago
ya'll... i'm THIS close to thinking vision's actually going to tahiti & our team is coming back 😂 also, is senor scratchy her familiar?! 👀 (yes my lipstick is a hot mess, i woke up at 6 am to film this & i swear it looked normal then lol) also: same disclaimer as the shield, mcu, & prior wandavision content - this is a commentary vid, so it’ll have a lot of pausing & talking (& fangirling, lol). fair warning ❤︎ but hey guys!!! IS ANYONE ELSE BEYOND ECSTATIC BY THAT REVEAL?!?! i was legit shaking with happiness after this episode 😂 also, it's a WHOLE bop, which is just amazing. her sitting in the director's chair like "i will NOT be out-done in the PIZAZZ department, here's a whole musical introduction" like PLS what an amazing villain intro :') also yes it totally did distract me from the fact the twins are straight kidnapped, so i guess it worked 😂 but for real, i hope they're okay?! tf you need her kids for, agatha?! wanted to make a deal with you know who but didn't feel like giving up your own first born, so you just ~stole~ someone else's??? or was billy just on to you 😂 UGH it was such a good episode!!! AND MONICA'S POWERS!!!!!!!!! THAT'S OUR GIRL!!!!! anyways, i'm clearly excited, lol. drop your thoughts in the comments down below, & let's talk wandavision!! &, as always, thanks for watching!! :) commentary & analysis for the mcu in chronological order↓ current show reactions ↓ ∙ wandavision reactions & commentary: ∙ agents of shield ! full season 7 reactions & some earlier episodes: ∙ love, victor reactions: ∙ agent carter reactions: also, rights to the wandavision episodes below belong to marvel: wandavision 1x07 'breaking the fourth wall' & definitely not to me, shoutout fair use for allowing this wandavision reaction! find me online: lifestyle channel: insta: twitter: letterboxd: film reviews & blog: & fandom videos: x, fictional darling #FirstTimeWatching #WandaVision #Marvel #Reaction wandavision episode 7 reaction | wandavision 1x07 reaction | wandavision review | wandavision analysis | wandavision breakdown | wandavision commentary | elizabeth olsen wandavision | paul bettany wandavision | wandavision monica | wandavision breaking the fourth wall reaction | agatha harkness reaction
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A WHOLE THEME SONG?! we are WINNING | wandavision episode 7 reaction & commentary!!
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