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A Litany for Survival in Pandemic Times - after Audre Lorde
11 months ago
Audre Lorde was a Black lesbian feminist poet and an inspiration to look to, for she could see both difference and sameness, and know how to work with both. She was a fierce activist and listening to her can be both empowering and soothing in these times of crisis - a crisis of capitalist exploitation that led us to a climate crisis and a pandemic that makes deeper the already existing inequalities. But one can learn to live with fear and beyond it, with disease and beyond it, and most importantly, with each other - care and organize, for each other. 00:15 Part I - fear is normal 03:11 Part II - our differences are our strengths 06:00 Part III - community care 07:58 Part IV - a litany for survival This video was made by just wondering… If you can, do support us, it will really really help us with the production costs: Here’s our website to find out more about us: Twitter: Facebook: This video is fourth in a series: a ”Dictionary of thinkers and concepts” that we think with! Everything is equally weird - on Graham Harman's philosophy - Making kin beyond babies - after Donna Haraway - The end of endings - with Timothy Morton’s philosophy - Credits: Written by M Writing suggestions by Aron Nor Recorded by M & Aron Nor Illustrations made by Mina Mimosa Video/Audio editing by Aron Nor Bibliography: Lorde, A. (2007). Sister outsider: Essays and speeches. Crossing Press. Lorde, A., Byrd, R. P., Cole, J. B., & Guy-Sheftall, B. (2011). I am your sister: Collected and unpublished writings of Audre Lorde. Oxford University Press. Lorde, A. (1997) The Cancer Journals. Aunt Lute Books "Audre Lorde" - song by Corasón / featured in the film "Audre Lorde - The Berlin Years 1984-1992" - Audre Lorde - The complete last reading in Berlin - A Litany For Survival: The Life and Work of Audre Lorde - Incredible coronavirus/pandemic related policies twitter thread: Hashtags: #audrelorde #pandemicsurvival #feministactivist #survivalpoems Help us caption & translate this video!
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A Litany for Survival in Pandemic Times - after Audre Lorde
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