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Serena Williams' Transformation Is Seriously Turning Heads
2 months ago
From a young age, Serena Williams has shown the world what it looks like to be a superior athlete. But she wasn't born with a racket in her hand. Her origin story is just as, if not more, humble than the rest of us. Keep watching to witness her stunning transformation. On September 26, 1981, Serena Williams was born in Saginaw, Michigan to Richard Williams and Oracene Price. Two years later, her family relocated to Compton in Southern California. Religion played a central role in her life from the start, as she was raised as a Jehovah's Witness. Williams is the youngest of five siblings, and she's closest to her sister Venus, who was born just a year before her in 1980. While growing up, the two sisters spent a lot of time together and always looked out for each other, which sometimes meant Venus giving Serena lunch money when she ran out of her own. It's probably safe to say that Serena wouldn't be where she is today if it weren't for her father Richard, who put a tennis racket in her hand when she was only 3 years old. He and his wife taught themselves to play, in the hopes of instilling a love of the sport into their youngest daughters. Both Serena and Venus took to the game with passion and skill, which was something that Rick Macci, Serena's coach from 1991 through 1995, noticed immediately. In 2020, he told ESPN, "What blew me away was their burning desire to run and fight and get to every ball like their hair was on fire. I had never seen two kids try so hard. I had never seen bodies that could move like that. Athletes with their body types went to other sports; they didn't play tennis." Keep watching to see Serena Williams' Transformation Is Seriously Turning Heads. #SerenaWilliams #Athlete Early years | 0:00 Going pro | 1:23 Rising to the top | 2:09 Dealing with racism | 2:53 Losing a sister | 3:38 Struggling through injuries | 4:21 Fairy tale wedding | 5:05 Becoming a mother | 5:54 Saving her own life | 6:44 Changing the status quo | 7:38 The GOAT | 9:07 Read Full Article:
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Serena Williams' Transformation Is Seriously Turning Heads
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