Why The Stock Market Popped Today !
4 weeks ago
Whats up guys! Welcome back to the Stocks With Mike & Tom Show! In this episode we go over why the stock market popped today! We somewhat expected the market to turn around slightly considering how many key indices like the S&P 500 have fallen lately. Today after the market closed a ton of huge companies reported earnings. $AMZN blew past expectations with sales growing 37% in the quarter!! Netflix raised the price of its subscription service and saw a nice spike today. Facebook also beat analyst expectations but fell after losing U.S. and Canadian subscribers during the quarter. Alphabet or commonly known as Google, crushed expectations and went haywire in after-hours. There is a ton of information in tonight's video so stay tuned!! Thank you all for subscribing, we are so close to 30,000 subscribers and we couldn't be here without each and everyone one of you. Thanks for watching! 💬Free Discord Stock Chat Room: https://discord.gg/dc5g4VJ 🚀StockedUp Options Alerts: https://stockedup.university/courses/statistical-modeling-options-picks/ 📈Custom Stock Prediction Software: https://stockedup.university/courses/custom-coded-stock-trading-algorithm 📊Intro To Stocks Course: https://stockedup.university/courses/intro-to-stocks 💰Intro To Options Course: https://stockedup.university/courses/intro-to-options ✅StockedUp Website: https://stockedup.university/ 👾StockedUp Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/stockedup/ 🧠Got Questions? : https://stockedup.university/contact #stockmarket #stocks #stocktrading
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Why The Stock Market Popped Today !
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