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3 months
Sen. Kyrsten Sinema, an Arizona Democrat, is clapping back after she was videotaped and chased into a school bathroom over the weekend by a group of pro-Biden agenda activists, confronting her over her objections holding up Democratic efforts on Capitol Hill. President Joe Biden also weighed in on the encounter, when asked on Monday, calling it not appropriate but also "part of the process" for someone without Secret Service protection.
Kyrsten Sinema Is Doing Big Pharma's Bidding - Jacobin magazine
3 months
Dr. Sophia Marjovic, one of the immigration activists who confronted Sen. Kysrten Sinema at Arizona State University over “a pathway to citizenship” for illegal immigrants this weekend, defended filming the senator while following her into the bathroom.
Activist who recorded Sinema in ASU bathroom defends actions, accuses critics of being 'tone police' - Fox News
3 months
The Arizona Senator always looks like 1.2 trillion bucks
A Comprehensive Review of Kyrsten Sinema's Powerfully Confounding Outfits - Gawker
3 months
Former ‘radical’ finds herself in trouble with onetime progressive allies amid shift to centre
Kyrsten Sinema riles Democrats but earns Republican respect in Arizona - Financial Times
3 months
What Arizona Voters Really Think About Kyrsten Sinema Oakland News Now - SF Bay Area, East Bay, California, World Oakland News Now - What Arizona Voters Really Think About Kyrsten Sinema - video made by the YouTube channel
What Arizona Voters Really Think About Kyrsten Sinema - Oakland News Now
3 months
California doesn’t have nearly enough affordable housing. Build Back Better funds to...
Editorial: How Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema might gut California’s affordable housing efforts - San Francisco Chronicle
3 months
The Arizona Democratic senator has been hard to pin down, but her moderate stance is forcing progressives in her party to make concessions.
What does Kyrsten Sinema want out of spending negotiations? Here's what we know - MTPR
3 months
A coalition of top business groups is launching a six-figure ad buy in Arizona to urge Sen.
Top business group launches six-figure ad buy in Arizona urging Sinema to oppose tax increases | TheHill - The Hill
3 months
The Arizona senator loves to compare herself to Mr. Straight Talk Express. But there are different ways of bucking one’s party.
There's One (at Least) Big Difference Between Kyrsten Sinema and John McCain - The New Republic
3 months
Positing some theories.
Analysis | What Kyrsten Sinema gets out of staying so mum - The Washington Post
3 months
Rep. Ro Khanna took to Fox News on Sunday to unleash his frustration with the enigmatic senator from Arizona.
Kyrsten Sinema Whacked by Democratic Congressman, Compared to Trump - The Daily Beast
3 months
As Biden and Democratic leaders close in on a budget deal, the murky goals and demands of the Arizona senator remain a persistent uncertainty.
How Kyrsten Sinema is negotiating on Biden's Build Back Better bill - The Washington Post
3 months
ARIZONA Senator Kyrsten Sinema has seen her net worth grow significantly since she was elected in 2019. Here is what we know about her fortune – and where it has come from. What is Kyrsten Si…
What is Kyrsten Sinema’s net worth?... - The US Sun
3 months
The Arizona senator has faced criticism for her opposition to the proposed $3.5 trillion Build Back Better Act.
Kyrsten Sinema Harder to Find Than Waldo and Carmen Sandiego: MSNBC Contributor - Newsweek
3 months
The bisexual senator is being criticized for blocking progressive legislation — but she may be ready to negotiate on some of it.
Democrats Under 'Tyranny of Kyrsten Sinema,' Gay Lawmaker Says -
3 months
The furious members accused the Arizona Democrat of “answering to big donors rather than your own people,” in the latest sign of the political pressure she faces.
5 Veterans Quit Kyrsten Sinema's Advisory Council - The New York Times
3 months
Police at Arizona State University are seeking misdemeanor charges over the incident involving the Democratic senator.
Four Face Charges After Kyrsten Sinema Confronted in Bathroom - Newsweek
3 months
Since the start of her political career, pharmaceutical companies have lobbied Sinema and financed her campaign committee and leadership PAC.
Senators Rick Scott & Kyrsten Sinema Introduce Legislation to Crack Down on Drug... - Senator Rick Scott
3 months
The senator from Arizona doesn’t seem rattled by progressives’ threats to primary her—and it’s not clear she should be.
Can Progressives Primary Kyrsten Sinema in Arizona? - The Atlantic
3 months
If congressional Democrats’ drug pricing reforms fail, the tiny biotechs that pepper Arizona deserve an outsized bit of the credit.
Ties to Arizona biotechs underpin Sinema's outspoken drug pricing position - STAT
3 months
Sometimes a dress is just a dress. Sometimes it’s a strategy.
Kyrsten Sinema’s Style Keeps Us Guessing - The New York Times
3 months
With the Senate out of session, Ms. Sinema, the Democratic senator from Arizona, has been in Europe on a fund-raising trip.
As Budget Bill Hangs in Limbo, Kyrsten Sinema Heads to Europe - The New York Times
3 months
Democrat’s commitment to bipartisanship and reluctance to explain position on Biden spending plans contribute to mounting frustrations – and a possible primary challenge
Who is Kyrsten Sinema? Friends and foes ponder an Arizona Senate enigma - The Guardian
3 months
Rude politics are inevitable when elected officials, like Kyrsten Sinema, open their doors to corporate elites but not their own constituents.
Kyrsten Sinema, Bathroom Protesters, and the Rise of Rude Politics - The New Republic
3 months
The Arizona senator, who started in politics as an environmentalist, is one of two centrist Democrats who could make or break a spending bill at the center of President Biden’s legislative agenda.
Kyrsten Sinema Wants to Cut $100 Billion in Proposed Climate Funds, Sources Say - The New York Times
3 months
The Democratic Party now has the chance to make some progress. However, certain Democrats, such as Kyrsten Sinema are unfortunately standing in the way.
Kyrsten Sinema needs to stand with the Democratic Party - The Cougar - The Daily Cougar
3 months
Sunrise's Tempe, Arizona, hub is connecting young people to Sen. Kyrsten Sinema's office to demand climate action.
Sunrise Movement Launches Hot Bisexuals Against Kyrsten Sinema Phonebank - Teen Vogue
3 months
Unlike Ocasio-Cortez, Sinema is not a progressive but a moderate Democrat—which apparently means she's conservative enough to get her gender card suspended, even revoked.
Introducing the Sinema Standard: If You're Not Progressive Enough, Your Gender Card Is Revoked | Opinion - Newsweek
3 months
A new progressive group is finished trying to influence Sen. Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ) and is now trying to replace her.
The Left Is Done Pressuring Kyrsten Sinema. Now They Want a Primary. - The Daily Beast
3 months
Sen. Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona ignored Karina Ruiz, a local leader who advocates for immigrant communities, when the activist approached her on a flight to Washington, D.C., Monday to urge the senator to commit to passing a pathway to citizenship for millions of undocmented immigrants. 
DACA leaders confronted Kyrsten Sinema on flight, at ASU to ask for her support. They got silence. - Arizona Mirror
3 months
Members of Congress aren’t good at predicting what voters want anyway.
Analysis | Why Kyrsten Sinema's political position is so baffling - The Washington Post
3 months
Right or wrong, there are few politicians with the courage to choose to take positions that inspire this level of anger from erstwhile supporters.
Sinema and Cheney Are America's Best and Bravest Politicians - The Daily Beast
3 months
Media critics suggest these are the tactics of the political left. They ignore plenty of recent history.
Kyrsten Sinema's confrontation in bathroom re-ignites civility debate - The Washington Post
3 months
The Show regularly checks in with the Editorial Board of the Arizona Republic to talk about current issues facing the state and the region — featured in columns on the newspaper’s op-ed pages.It was an eventful week last week for Arizona’s senior senator.Sen. Kyrsten Sinema reportedly made multiple trips to the White House to talk about the pending budget bill. She was the target of a lot of ire from Democrats over her refusal, at least so far, to back the proposal.
Phil Boas: Why Sen. Kyrsten Sinema may be the biggest radical in Congress - KJZZ
3 months
Sanders said Democratic leaders "made it clear" from the outset that the $1.2 trillion bill would be passed with the budget reconciliation package.
'Wrong': Bernie Sanders Rejects Kyrsten Sinema's Criticism of Infrastructure Bill Delay - Newsweek
4 months
"Typical Washington revolving door corporate influence and money" threatens Biden's agenda, watchdog group says.
Former senior Kyrsten Sinema aide was top lobbyist for bank opposing Biden's corporate tax increase - Salon
4 months
She loved compromise when it was with Republicans. With Democrats to her left, not so much.
Kyrsten Sinema Should Apply Her Own Beliefs on Compromise to the Budget Negotiations - The New Republic
September 2021
4 months
"Sinema is not going to be able to win her re-elect with her voting record as it is," said Chuck Rocha of Nuestro PAC. "So we need someone who can attract votes from all around the state, and that's a Latino combat veteran who showed his valor during the January 6 insurrection."
Draft Ruben Gallego Effort Launches as Progressives Seek to Oust Kyrsten Sinema - Newsweek
4 months
Lawrence O'Donnell took aim at the Arizona senator for not explaining why she was holding up the Democrats' infrastructure package.
Kyrsten Sinema Is 'Laughing at Her Constituents' Over Democrat Bill Says MSNBC Host - Newsweek
4 months
The centrist senator is key to President Biden’s agenda in Washington. Her positions have angered some Democrats back home.
Kyrsten Sinema Faces a Growing Revolt From Her Former Supporters - The New York Times
4 months
Organizers say Sinema must vote to end the filibuster and back Biden or we will “replace her with someone who will.”
Activists who helped elect Kyrsten Sinema launch CrowdPAC to fund potential primary challenger - Salon
4 months
“Now, that is my kind of gal,” Fox Business host Larry Kudlow said of the Arizona Democrat, who was scheduled Tuesday to raise money from business groups opposed to the president’s budget bill.
Kyrsten Sinema Is Winning Fans on the Right by Holding Up Biden’s Agenda - Vanity Fair
4 months
Sen. Kyrsten Sinema (D-Ariz.) has emerged this fall as the biggest mystery in the Senate Democratic caucus as colleagues scramble to figure out what it will take to get her to vote for a budget reconciliation to enact President Biden’s Build Back Better agenda.
Enigmatic Sinema has Democrats guessing | TheHill - The Hill
August 2021
July 2021
6 months
Senate Republicans released a second infrastructure counterproposal this morning. The eight-year $928 billion "Republican Roadmap" includes $360…
Senate Republicans Release Infrastructure Counterproposal - Lexology
June 2021
7 months
Readers offer advice on addressing street crime and homelessness. Also: The voting rights bill; a gay football player comes out; MacKenzie Scott's charity.
Opinion | Issues Facing New York City’s Next Mayor - The New York Times
7 months
It's time for Democrats to stop fearing this debate, and embrace it head on.
A top Biden ally just fired a warning shot on the filibuster. Should we believe it? - The Washington Post
7 months
WASHINGTON - U. S. Sens. John Cornyn and Ted Cruz joined with their Republican colleagues to block a sweeping overhaul of the nation’s elections on Tuesday. While a majority of the Democratic-controlled Senate backed the bill, enough Republicans banded together to use the filibuster to block the bill from receiving an up-or-down vote. Both Texas senators prior to the vote characterized the bill as a power grab on the part of Democrats.
Sens. Cornyn & Cruz join fellow Republicans to block Democrats' federal elections overhaul - WOAI
7 months
The Democrats' sweeping attempt to rewrite U.S. election and voting law has suffered a major setback in the U.S. Senate.
GOP filibuster blocks Democrats' big voting rights bill - KSAT San Antonio
7 months
A bipartisan group of senators is closing in on a $1.2 trillion infrastructure deal. But liberals are threatening to block the package unless Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema commit to supporting a subsequent, Democrats-only bill.
Democrats Are Locked in a Staring Contest Over Infrastructure - New York Magazine
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Kyrsten Lea Sinema (; born July 12, 1976) is an American politician serving as the senior United States Senator from Arizona since 2019. A member of the Democratic Party, she served as the U.S.
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