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August 2021
1 month
TCU's Jeff Gladney might not be the biggest cornerback on the field, but what he lacks in overall size he makes up for with competitiveness and a rare skillset — a profile similar to that of current Colts cornerback Kenny Moore II.
2020 Draft Profile: Jeff Gladney Invites 'Best Man Wins' Mentality -
July 2021
2 months
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Vikings Get No Love in PFF’s Cornerback Rankings - Vikings Territory
2 months
Jeff Gladney's career got off to a bad start last year, when he couldn't showcase his skills in an awful Minnesota Vikings defense that, ultimately, was the main reason the team missed the playoffs.
Who is Jeff Gladney and why is the Vikings DB facing felony assault charges? - Sportskeeda
3 months
Prosecutors will present the case against Vikings CB Jeff Gladney on July 22.
Vikings CB Jeff Gladney's case has grand jury date of July 22 - Vikings Wire
June 2021
3 months
April yielded gruesome news regarding a 22-year-old woman in Texas, Jeff Gladney, and the Minnesota Vikings. Gladney, 24, turned himself into a Dallas
With All the Offseason Moves, Do the Vikings Really “Need” Jeff Gladney? -
3 months
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Danielle Hunter a welcome sight at Vikings minicamp after contract issue - Press
3 months
A Texas grand jury will hear the case of Minnesota Vikings defensive back Jeff Gladney, accused of assaulting his girlfriend in an April incident, on July 29.
Vikings redo Danielle Hunter deal, close to re-signing Sheldon Richardson - Press
4 months
Note: This article originally appeared on our flagship site, While the Minnesota Vikings transactional offseason may be slowing
Vikings Experience Topsy-Turvy Offseason Odyssey at Cornerback -
May 2021
4 months
Note: This article originally appeared on our flagship site, The recent commotion surrounding the Minnesota Vikings and the NFL
A Look Back: PFF Offers Astounding Grade for Vikings 2020 Draft Class -
4 months
During the 2020 NFL season, linebacker-turned-commentator, Jonathan Vilma, referred to a mysterious Minnesota Vikings player known as "Steven Nelson." It
Another Free Agent CB Whispered as Option for Vikings -
4 months
The everlasting joke about Minnesota Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer insinuates that he solely cares about cornerbacks. The comedy exists for good reason
Well, Well, Well. The Vikings Probably Need One More CB. -
5 months
Holy acronyms Batman! In what officially caps an off-season that will be remembered (partially) as being absolutely nightmarish in terms of a single NFL
Hughes trade is a head-scratcher or sign of a pending FA CB acquisition. -
April 2021
March 2021
6 months
With the recent additions to their secondary, some wonder what the Minnesota Vikings are going to do with cornerback Jeff Gladney next season. Since the 20...
No need to worry about the future of Jeff Gladney in Minnesota - The Viking Age
December 2020
10 months
Minnesota Vikings cornerback Jeff Gladney has picked up some comparisons to other physical corners who played with the Minnesota Vikings.
Vikings corner Jeff Gladney talks about comparisons to physical corners of the past - Vikings Wire
10 months
Jeff Gladney may still be making progress for these Minnesota Vikings, but Sunday’s performance ought to give fans plenty of hope.
Behind The Play: In Praise of Jeff Gladney -
November 2020
October 2020
September 2020
1 year
One thing you must say about Jeff Gladney: He certainly has confidence in himself. The young Vikings cornerback just needs his skill set to catch up to his belief. And that will take time for the 2…
Vikings rookie Jeff Gladney knows he’s being picked on: ‘I’ve got to hold my own’ - Press
August 2020
1 year
The Vikings will run into a murderer’s row of quarterbacks in 2020, especially during the first half of the season. The timing hardly is ideal considering their youth at cornerback. Then again, two…
Vikings rookie CBs Jeff Gladney, Cameron Dantzler vow to be ready for early-season aerial assaults - Pres
1 year
What are some things to know about Vikings rookie corner Jeff Gladney? The Minnesota Vikings selected TCU cornerback Jeff Gladney with the 31st overall pic...
5 things to know about Vikings rookie CB Jeff Gladney - The Viking Age
July 2020
June 2020
April 2020
1 year
The Friday night lights of Texas high school football are what groomed Jeff Gladney. No state boasts a more revered football culture. The throes of
1 year
The Frogs’ vocal defender has been trying to make himself bigger by talking louder. It seems to be working.
TCU NFL Draft Preview: Jeff Gladney - Frogs O' War
1 year
Jeff Gladney has drawn first-round and second-round draft grades from most teams and...
TCU cornerback Jeff Gladney has shutdown mentality - Houston Chronicle
1 year
As a result of winning the Super Bowl, the KC Chiefs hold the 32nd pick in the 2020 NFL Draft. While there's some speculation they'll trade out of the firs...
KC Chiefs landing Jeff Gladney at pick 32 would be dream come true - KC Kingdom
1 year
Despite the addition of AJ Bouye, the Denver Broncos could still use a 1st or 2nd rounder on TCU cornerback Jeff Gladney. So much of the talk surrounding t...
Broncos 2020 draft prospect: TCU CB Jeff Gladney - Predominantly Orange
March 2020
1 year
"I play bigger than my size, and most receivers don't know that," Gladney said at the combine. "They think they're going to come out there and bully me, but that doesn't go down."
Broncos Draft Board: Speedy TCU cornerback Jeff Gladney feels like he’s “the biggest sleeper” - The Denver Post
2 years
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Titans Draft Profile: TCU Cornerback Jeff Gladney -
February 2020
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