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January 2022
December 2021
July 2021
6 months
Sinead O’Connor will release a new seven-track album in January 2022, her first since 2014's 'I'm Not Bossy, I'm The Boss'.
Sinead O'Connor announces new album No Veteran Dies Alone - Appalachian News-Express
6 months
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Sinead O'Connor 'retracts' retirement announcement and will keep touring - Kingsport Times News
6 months
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Sinead O'Connor 'retracts' retirement announcement and will keep touring -
6 months
The 54-year-old singer underwent a hysterectomy in 2015 and since then, she's decided to embrace a more sedate way of life
Sinead O'Connor loves her
6 months
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Sinead O'Connor 'retracts' retirement announcement and will keep touring - NBC Right Now
6 months
TODAY’s Carson Daly catches up with Sinéad O’Connor, the Irish singer, who rose to fame with her 1990 hit “Nothing Compares 2 U” but shocked the world two years later when she ripped up a picture of Pope John Paul II on “Saturday Night Live.” From her home outside Dublin, she tells Carson she “wasn’t never meant to be a pop star,” dishes on Frank Sinatra and discusses her new memoir, “Rememberings.
Sinéad O’Connor opens up about rises to the top, career controversies - Yahoo News
6 months
Kristen Arnett returns with can't-put-down queer drama "With Teeth," and singer Sinead O’Connor pens raw and candid memoir "Rememberings."
5 books not to miss: Kristen Arnett's queer family drama 'With Teeth,' Sinead O’Connor memoir - Yahoo Entertainment
6 months
Sinéad O’Connor has tweeted her delight at being hired as a diarist by the Sunday Independent. “I can finally tell my father I have a real job,” she wrote. Alan English, the Sindo’s editor, reckons
Atticus: Will Sinead O'Connor settle old scores in Sunday Independent diary? - The Times
6 months
Plus: The Snapper’s singer, a singer’s Cinders and a movie star for Picture This
The Music Quiz: Sinéad O’Connor has written a memoir. What’s it called? - The Irish Times
6 months
No Cookies
Truth about star’s infamous TV moment - Courier Mail
6 months
The singer writes in a new memoir that the infamous moment "re-railed" her career.
Sinéad O’Connor describes ripping up photo of the pope on 'SNL': 'It represented lies and liars and abuse' - Yahoo News
6 months
When Sinéad O’Connor’s 17-year-old son Shane first got hold of a copy of her new book, he blithely ignored all her requests to read it from the start and flicked straight to the pages that he appeared in, she tells me, laughing.
Sinéad O'Connor: 'They gave me a foot up the arse, but they loved me into good health' -
6 months
Sinéad O’Connor's long-awaited and “revelatory” memoir Rememberings will be released by Penguin General imprint Sandycove in June 2021.
Sinéad O'Connor memoir out June with Sandycove - The Bookseller
June 2021
7 months
UPDATE: The media made Sinéad O’Connor announce her retirement last week, she has stated in a Twitter update proclaiming her return. The mercurial O’Connor said her prior retirement ann…
Sinéad O’Connor Says She’s Retiring From Touring And Recording - Deadline
7 months
The singer took to Twitter and used typically colourful language to explain her change of heart which also touched on her troubled past
Sinead O’Connor reverses decision to retire after she cancelled tours - Dublin Live
7 months
Sinéad O’Connor has retracted her retirement, explaining it was a "knee jerk" reaction to mistreatment by the media. Read more here.
Sinéad O’Connor Retracts Retirement, Criticizes BBC for “Hurtful” Interview - Consequence
7 months
Sinead O'Connor has "retracted" her retirement announcement.
Sinead O'Connor Backs Away From Retirement Announcement - Noise11
7 months
SINGER Sinead O’Connor has done an about-face on her shock retirement plans. The 54-year-old stunned fans at the weekend by saying she was quitting the music industry. But last night she told her s…
Sinead O’Connor says ‘f*** retiring’ as she is not past her ‘peak’ after stunning fans by quitting music in... - The Irish Sun
7 months
SINÉAD O'Connor has changed her mind about retiring from "touring and working in the record business" - a day after her shock announcement.
Sinéad O'Connor changes mind about quitting music industry - The Irish News
7 months
Singer-songwriter claimed interview by ‘Woman’s Hour’ presenter was ‘unnecessary and hurtful’
Sinead O’Connor launches attack on BBC after interview with ‘female misogynist’ Emma Barnett - The Independent
7 months
Just days after announcing that she was done with 'touring' and 'working in the record business,' O'Connor has called off her retirement.
Sinéad O'Connor Quickly Changes Her Mind About Retiring - UPROXX
7 months
Here's more about iconic singer Frank Sinatra and his intimidating statement regarding Irish singer Sinéad O'Connor's seeming refusal in 1990 to play the U.S. national anthem before a concert.
Sinéad O'Connor on Frank Sinatra's Threat After Her 1990 National Anthem Fiasco: 'I Start Checking My Bed for Horse Heads' - Sho
7 months
The Irish musician said her statement, made on 5 June, was a ‘kneejerk reaction’ against the UK and Irish media’s ‘constant abuse and invalidation’ of her mental health
Sinéad O’Connor retracts retirement announcement - The Guardian
7 months
SINEAD O’Connor and Dolores O’Riordan would have been the perfect pairing to have chairs spinning on The Voice Of Ireland — but the talent show won’t return, says show boss Larry Bass. The Voice of…
Sinead O’Connor and Dolores O’Riordan would have been perfect pair on Voice of Ireland – but show won’t ret... - The Irish Sun
7 months
Ms O'Connor said her recent announcement was 'a knee-jerk reaction' to an insensitive interview
'I'm gonna keep being fabulous' - Sinead O'Connor retracts retirement announcement - Irish Examiner
7 months
Sinéad O’Connor took to Twitter over the weekend to announce that she is retiring from recording and touring. “This is to announce my retirement from touring and from working in the record business. I’ve gotten older and I’m tired. So it’s time for me to […]
Sinéad O'Connor says she is retiring from recording and touring – Deltaplex News - Deltaplex News
7 months
The editor of the Sunday Independent, Alan English, has said Sinéad O'Connor has contacted him about becoming a columnist in the newspaper.
Sinéad O'Connor eyes new gig as columnist -
7 months
Despite the fact that she once almost ruined a gig for us, I can't say enough good things about a true national treasure 
Tom Dunne's Music & Me: Nothing compares to Sinead O'Connor - Irish Examiner
7 months
EX-EUROVISION winner Paul Harrington has told how Sinead O’Connor or Westlife are Ireland’s key to bringing home the song contest crown once again. The 1994 champ gave his take on this …
Ex-Eurovision winner says Sinead O’Connor or Westlife ‘answer’ to bringing home crown and 2021 Irish set le... - The Irish Sun
7 months
SINEAD O’Connor has told how she once grew close to Daniel Day Lewis – until she ruined their friendship by losing her temper. The singer, 54, revealed how she named song A Perfect Indian aft…
Sinead O’Connor reveals she once grew close to Daniel Day-Lewis but ruined friendship after losing her t... - The Irish Sun
8 months
“Rememberings,” the musician’s memoir, is an attempt to piece together her fragmented history.
Sinéad O’Connor was a star, then a pariah. She says she wouldn’t change a thing. - The Washington Post
8 months
Sinead O’Connor has announced plans to boycott BBC’s Woman’s Hour after an interview which she found to be "offensive and misogynistic".
Sinead O’Connor to boycott Women’s Hour after “offensive and misogynistic” interview - NME
8 months
The Nothing Compares 2 U hitmaker revealed that she would wear the racy outfit while reading aloud poetry in a pizza restaurant
Sinead O’Connor reveals work as a kissogram dressed in a 'naughty nun' costume -
8 months
Sinead O’Connor has announced her plans to boycott BBC’s Woman’s Hour after an interview which she found ‘offensive’.
Sinead O’Connor vows to boycott Woman’s Hour after ‘offensive’ interview -
8 months
After years of speculation, Irish-English musician Sinead O'Connor has finally revealed her rationale behind the infamous incident as a "Saturday Night Live" host in which she destroyed a photo of the Pope.
Sinéad O'Connor explains why she ripped up photo of the pope on 'SNL' - New York Post
8 months
Sinead O'Connor has vowed not to appear on BBC Radio's Woman's Hour again after what she called an 'offensive and misogynistic interview' conducted by host Emma Barnett
Sinead O'Connor boycotts BBC Woman's Hour after 'offensive and misogynistic' interview - The Mirror
8 months
Former Eurovision boss Julian Vignoles has said that Sinead O'Connor would win Eurovsion with a minimal set and her powerful voice alone.
Ex Contest Boss Says O'Connor's Power Of Voice Could Win Eurovision -
8 months
Irish artist criticises description of her as ‘the crazy woman in pop’s attic’
Sinead O’Connor says British press ‘like to make me out to be mental – they always have done’ - The Independent
8 months
The musician has also spoken about converting to Islam and how Bob Dylan became her 'role model'
Sinead O'Connor's new book reveals she worked as kissogram aged 16 - Belfast Live
8 months
SINEAD O’Connor could win Eurovision for Ireland using a minimal set and just the power of her voice alone, a former Irish contest boss said. Former Eurovision chief Julian Vignoles said RTE should…
Sinead O’Connor could win Eurovision for Ireland using the power of her voice alone, ex-Irish contest boss... - The Irish Sun
May 2021
8 months
Sinéad O’Connor describes ripping up photo of the pope on 'SNL': 'It represented lies and liars and abuse'
Sinéad O'Connor describes ripping up photo of the pope on 'SNL': 'It represented lies and liars and abuse' - Sports Grind Entert
8 months
After a life marked by abuse, fame, scandal and struggle, the Irish singer-songwriter says she never lost faith
Sinéad O'Connor: 'I'll always be a bit crazy, but that's OK' - The Guardian
8 months
The Irish singer-songwriter remembers the day of her mother’s death on 10 February 1985
‘I don’t know how I’ll ever not be angry’ – an exclusive extract from Sinéad O’Connor’s memoir - The Guardian
8 months
Sinéad O'Connor recounts horrifying night with Prince threatened to beat the crap out of her in new memoir "Rememberings."
Sinéad O'Connor: How I survived hellish night with 'devil' Prince - New York Post
8 months
The singer reflected on the moment she ripped up a picture of Pope John Paul II on Saturday Night Live in 1992 and how her past decisions followed her throughout her career
Sinead O'Connor claims No. 1 hit Nothing Compares To You
8 months
"The View" guests this week include Sinéad O’Connor, Wanda Sykes, Busy Philips and more.
8 months
The 17 year old accompanied the Nothing Compares 2 U singer as she received her second coronavirus vaccine this week and fans were quick to notice how similar they looked
Sinead O'Connor steps out with handsome teenage son Shane and he's the image of her - RSVP Live
8 months
Sinead O'Connor's followers on social media praised her son's likeness to her after she posted a picture of him this week.
‘The image of you’ Sinead O’Connor followers praise son’s likeness to her -
8 months
Sinéad O'Connor's protest fails to grapple with the fact that her protest was not only unsuccessful and counterproductive, it was essentially designed to be so.
Sinéad O’Connor and the Cult of Counterproductive Protest - National Review
8 months
Ahead of the release of her memoir 'Rememberings' on June 1, Irish singer-songwriter Sinead O'Connor is opening up about her life, past and present.
Sinead O’Connor reveals all for new memoir
8 months
Shane is the singer's third child
Fans of Sinead O'Connor stunned by lookalike son as she shares rare picture - Irish Mirror
8 months
Prince allegations: Sinead O'Connor has shared more detail about her escape from the singer's house. But she is not his first accuser.
8 months
SINEAD O’Connor has revealed that she was thrown out of three schools in nine months because she kept getting caught stealing before being sent to a reformatory. In extracts from her new book…
Sinead O’Connor was thrown out of three schools in nine months for stealing before being sent to r... - The Sun
8 months
The singer was just just eight years old when she went to live with her father after her mother lost custody of her children and admits the trauma of the split deeply impacted her relationship with both parents.
Sinead O Connor says she lost her mind the day her mother lost custody of her - RSVP Live
8 months
Commentary A puff piece on Sinead O’Connor scheduled to appear in The New York Times on Sunday and ...
Sinead O’Connor, Felt-Truths, and Media Propaganda - The Epoch Times
8 months
O’Connor branded Prince a “violent abuser of women” and claimed he  “terrorized” and physically assaulted her when she visited his Hollywood mansion.
In Memoir Sinead O'Connor Claims Prince Assaulted Her During Pillow Fight -
8 months
The ‘troubled soul’ catapulted to fame before tearing up a photo of Pope John Paul II on ‘Saturday Night Live’. Now she spills why she did it in her new memoir, writes Amanda Hess
Sinead O'Connor tells her side of the story - The Independent
8 months
Sinead O'Connor has a new memoir coming out, and it contains a really wild story about the late legend, Prince.
Sinead O'Connor Claims Prince Beat Her With A Pillow And Chased Her Down A Highway - AllHipHop
8 months
At One Time, Sinead O'Connor Told Us That She'd Reveal The Details Of The Night In A Book She'd Write When She Was Older. Well, She Just Did.
Sinead O'Connor Accuses Prince Of Being A 'Violent Abuser Of Women' And Shares Details Of Troubling Assault - YourTango
8 months
Dublin Band To Watch Pillow Queens, who released their debut album In Waiting last fall and recently made their US television debut on The Late Late Show With James Corden, have released a cover of the Cranberries’ “When You’re Gone.” The track is part of Salvation – Inspired By The Cranberries For Pieta, an album of Cranberries covers by contemporary Irish artists to benefit Pieta House, a charity that provides free, professional one-on-one therapy to individuals with suicidal thoughts. In addition to Pillow Queens, the compilation will include Sinead O’Connor covering “No Need To Argue” and a previously unreleased live Cranberries performance of “Chocolate Brown.” Listen to Pillow Queens’ “When You’re Gone” below.
Cranberries Covers Album Features Sinead O'Connor, Pillow Queens, & Other Irish Artists - Stereogum
April 2021
March 2021
January 2021
November 2020
1 year
The Irish singer is seeking help for addiction to an undisclosed drug after being profoundly affected by the death of someone close to her
Sinéad O'Connor to enter trauma and addiction treatment programme - The Guardian
October 2020
1 year
Sinead O’Connor has shared her first release since 2015 in the form of a cover of Mahalia Jackson's ‘Trouble Of The World’.
Listen to Sinead O’Connor’s ‘Trouble Of The World’ cover, her first release since 2016 -
1 year
Sinéad O'Connor has dedicated her new song, a cover of Trouble Of The World, which was made famous by gospel great Mahalia Jackson, to the Black Lives Matter movement.
Sinéad O'Connor dedicates new song to BLM movement -
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