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September 2021
1 month
Halo Infinite finally has a release date, and it's not what any of us would've guessed. We analyze what the December date may or may not mean, celebrate both the unsurprising special-edition Halo controller and the definitely-surprising special-edition Halo Infinite Xbox One, discuss the negative reaction to the Saints Row reboot, give our hands-on impressions of Far Cry 6, and more!
Analyzing Halo Infinite's Release Date and Hardware Surprises - Unlocked 509 - IGN
1 month
The first round of Halo Infinite multiplayer flighting arrived this weekend in the form of a technical preview. How does it look on Xbox Series X?
Halo Infinite Series X Tech Preview Impressions - CGMagazine
1 month
An engineer working on Halo Infinite has explained how the game will run optimally across all devices, and not just the Xbox One.
Halo Infinite Engineer Explains How the Game Is Being Optimized For Every Device, Not Just Xbox One - IGN - IGN
1 month
You might have heard, but there's a new Halo game coming out soon. That doesn't happen very often! It's nice to be excited about Halo again, in no small part because I've missed running around its erratic physics sandboxes. In Halo, gravity is a tool to be harnessed, but never mastered. No matter your intentions, your warthog will inevitably flip, a grenade will bounce to impossible heights to kill you, and the occasional bug will cause something absolutely absurd to happen.Magical bugs have already started rolling in from the latest Halo Infinite technical test running this weekend. Behold, the self-duplicating wet floor sign (as shared by natdog805 on Reddit):
Amazing Halo Infinite bugs are already rolling in - PC Gamer
1 month
Careful, the floors in 343 Industries' new Halo might just be wet.
Watch: 'Halo Infinite' glitch spawns hundreds of wet floor signs - For The Win
1 month
Respawn Entertainment might not be able to make up its mind over the state of Titanfall 3. But as it happens, they might not have to, with Halo Infinite's latest technical test making a strong case for the wall-runner's throne.Public matchmaking for the current technical test hasn't even kicked off, but thanks to a new training mode, players are able to give Infinite's new tools the full go-around without restrictions. And with new toys in the sandbox, the movement possibilities have shot through the roof.July's test already gave us a glimpse of the grappling hook's potential. But this week's test lets us try it without limits, starting you out with five charges on spawn with which to yeet yourself across the map. That's enough to get very good at yanking people into your fists.
PSA: Halo Infinite is secretly Titanfall 3 - PC Gamer
1 month
Xbox Game Pass has a triple threat of major AAA day one games coming up, including the likes of the highly-anticipated Halo Infinite.
Xbox Game Pass Has A Triple Threat of AAA Day One Games Coming Up - GameRant
1 month
It seems that Walmart will have the Limited Edition Halo Infinite Xbox Series X, the regular Xbox, and PS5 consoles on September 23!
Walmart Halo Infinite Xbox Series X Console & PS5 Restock Due Imminently - September 23 - Gaming INTEL
1 month
Call of Duty: Vanguard is shaping up to be a weak entry in the annualized shooter franchise; can Halo Infinite and Battlefield 2042 capitalize?
Call of Duty: Vanguard feels tired already, handing Halo Infinite and Battlefield 2042 a big opportunity - Windows Central
1 month
Halo Infinite has a new training mode where you can practice your loadouts, vehicles, and maps separately from multiplayer mode and the Academy.
Halo Infinite: Training Mode Gameplay - Multiplayer Tech Preview - IGN SOUTH AFRICA
1 month
Halo Infinite is one of the year's biggest releases, however it seems to be missing quite a few things that most fans expect from Halo launches.
Halo Infinite: Everything That Will Be Missing at Launch - GameRant
1 month
The Halo Infinite campaign is said to be the biggest yet, but will the game feature a classic open world experience? Let's take a look.
Is the Halo Infinite campaign open world? -
1 month
UPDATE: Walmart had to delay this morning's PS5 and Xbox Series X restock due to technical issues. The restock is now set to commence at 9 PM EST, barring any further technical difficulties, of course.ORIGINAL: Walmart has announced a new PS5 and Xbox Series X restock. The former will include both [...]
Splitgate will have forge mode before Halo Infinite, dev insists -
1 month
Craig could finally have the look he deserves
Halo Infinite might have redesigned its Brutes (and Craig) - Gamesradar
1 month
Halo Infinite has a final release date, confirmed after leaks earlier today: December 8, as well as its own limited edition Xbox Series X console.
343 to ditch Halo: The Master Chief Collection seasons after Halo Infinite comes out -
1 month
Master Chief's journey continues in Halo Infinite - here's everything we know about where the new campaign will take him.
Halo Infinite Campaign: Gameplay & storyline -
1 month
While I might not agree with all its additions, 343 Industries has done a hell of a job keeping Halo: The Master Chief Collection active with new maps, modes and cosmetics, arriving in massive seasonal drops roughly every 3 months. But with Halo Infinite coming in hot this winter, 343 suddenly finds itself with two live-service Halo games—and understandably, it sounds like work on the legacy bundle will be slowing down.In its September dev update, publishing team lead producer Michael Fahrny shared the team's stance on where The MCC stands in the run-up to Halo Infinite. To make room for the new game, the upcoming Season 8 Update will be the MCC's last patch this year. But once Infinite is settled in, Fahrny notes that it becomes harder to justify splitting resources between two ongoing Halos."Starting next year, we’re targeting pivoting away from our current seasonal model and cadence to instead focus on smaller MCC updates that can land when they’re ready based on development status and studio roadmap alignment. These updates will continue to be free and will include the unreleased features and content from this year—as well as a continued effort to improve stability and tackle legacy fixes where possible. We still have a lot of goodness to deliver in 2022."
Halo: The Master Chief Collection may cease seasonal updates after Halo Infinite's launch - PC Gamer
1 month
Halo Infinite Xbox Series X console is now one of the most in-demand versions of the popular gaming gadget. What is its preorder status?
Halo Infinite Xbox Series X Console Possible Preorder Status in Amazon, Best Buy, and Other Retailers - Tech Times
1 month
Splitgate is great, but it can't replace Halo Infinite
Playing Splitgate has got me even more amped for Halo Infinite - Gamesradar
1 month
One dedicated Halo fan has summarized every game, novel, and comic on a single website, giving players a refresh ahead of Halo Infinite's release.
Halo Infinite's Story So Far Completely Detailed In Massive Summary - Screen Rant
2 months
The Rockstar Energy Drink brand is announcing a cross-promotional campaign with the upcoming Halo Infinite, and it will be revealed in October.
Halo Infinite Is Getting a Game Fuel-Style Rockstar Energy Drink - Screen Rant
2 months
Halo Infinite's next technical test is two weeks away—and to make sure it can properly test massive PVP matches, 343 Industries is inviting all Insiders along for the ride.With Infinite's last test focussing squarely on bot Slayer matches, Infinite's next flight will be our first proper look at PVP. There'll be a variety of gametypes to test in 4v4 arenas (featuring a new map) and, more excitingly, our first taste of 12v12 Big Team Battles in Halo Infinite.
Halo Infinite is inviting all Insiders to its next test in two weeks - PC Gamer
2 months
Halo Infinite’s new Spartan Academy leader, Laurette Agryna, has a deep backstory that differs greatly from those of Halo’s other Spartans.
Halo Infinite: Commander Laurette Agryna's Backstory Explained - GameRant
2 months
Keep an eye on these holiday 2021 and beyond games, including a controversial Saints Row reboot.
Master Chief blows up a Banshee in Microsoft's Windows 11 advert -
2 months
The next Halo Infinite multiplayer preview will go live on September 24th. It will be available to everyone who registers before September 14th.
The next Halo Infinite multiplayer preview will be available to everyone on September 24th - The Verge
2 months
If you're looking for a Limited Edition Halo Infinite Xbox Series X, we've got GameStop, Best Buy, & Amazon restocks from September 6-12.
Halo Infinite Xbox Series X Restock: GameStop, Best Buy, Amazon & More – September 6-12 - Gaming INTEL
2 months
Halo Infinite is set to be a killer Xbox Series X, Series S and PC exclusive. Here's what I want to see.
5 things I want from Halo Infinite - Tom's Guide
2 months
"Be sure to keep an eye on it and let us know how it plays!"
Halo Infinite will update its radar following fan feedback - Gamesradar
2 months
Halo infinite’s battle pass progression will be reliant on completing challenges and not XP gained after each match.
Halo Infinite battle pass progression will be tied to challenges and not match XP -
2 months
Halo Infinite's upcoming December release has been preceded by campaign and multiplayer details, trailers, and informative developer interviews.
Halo Infinite News & Updates: Everything We Know | Screen Rant - Screen Rant
2 months
Halo Infinite will be released on December 8 as the world famous sci-fi franchise will return in time for Christmas.
Halo Infinite will launch Dec. 8 to bring back Master Chief: report -
2 months
Halo Infinite and Forza Horizon 5 are available to preload onto Xbox Series X via Xbox Game Pass — but it’s a small (280.2 MB) placeholder file, not a full build of the game that will unlock on day one. Halo Infinite launches Dec. 8, 2021, and Forza Horizon 5 launches Nov. 9, 2021.
Halo Infinite preloading available on Xbox Game Pass - Polygon
August 2021
2 months
Halo Infinite has had a rocky development cycle, by all accounts. Now, it's become clear that rockiness has translated to a slightly more hesitant fanbase.
Gamers are skeptical about preordering Halo Infinite, but with Xbox Game Pass they don't need to - Windows Central
2 months
Spartans like Master Chief in Halo Infinite are super soldiers that tower above humans thanks to scientific procedures that may not be ethical.
Halo Infinite: Why Are Spartans So Big? - GameRant
2 months
Join members of the 343 Industries team for a discussion on key takeaways from the recent Multiplayer Technical Preview, updates on Halo Infinite’s overall development, and what to expect at launch.
Halo Infinite Development Update (August) - GameSpot
2 months
Halo Infinite's release date has finally been confirmed, but fans are still left to ponder one major question about the story.
Halo Infinite Leaves Fans With One Strange Mystery - GameRant
2 months
Kylie Jenner proved her love for the Bayou City in Vogue's newest
343 promises 'new iteration' of Combat Sensor for next Halo Infinite preview - Dot Esports
2 months
Halo Infinite is coming to Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, and PC on December 8, 2021. It will be available on Xbox Game Pass from day one. . Article Source Disclaimer: This article ... Read more
Halo Infinite | Season 1 Cinematic Trailer - Market Research Telecast
2 months
Here’s the rig you’ll need to finally finish Master Chief’s fight on Dec. 8.
Can Your PC Run Halo Infinite? - Games - PCMag AU
2 months
“There are pieces in Halo that are as iconic to Halo as the Imperial March is to ‘Star Wars,’” Gareth Coker said. “You’ve got to have them.
Composer tackles new challenge with Halo Infinite - Las Vegas Review-Journal
2 months
Geoff Keighley's gamescom 2021 ONL show featured a ton of announcements and reveals including: Saints Row reboot, release dates for Halo Infinite and Horizon Forbidden West, Marvel's Midnight Suns and Marvel Future Revolution, Lego Star Wars the Skywalker Saga, Death Stranding Director's Cut, and so much more!
DokeV, Halo Infinite Launch Details, & More - Gamescom News Roundup - IGN SOUTH AFRICA
2 months
Each Halo title has dedicated fans, which can make it difficult to decide the best. When it comes to the campaign, though, Halo 3 comes out on top.
Halo: 10 Ways Halo 3 Is Still The Best Campaign In The Franchise - Screen Rant
2 months
A Halo fan has designed a mock-up of what Microsoft Office's Clippy would look like as Clip-E, a new AI assistant for Halo Infinite.
Halo Infinite AI Based On Microsoft Office's Clippy Needs To Happen - Screen Rant
2 months
Originally supposed to be announced during Gamescom 2021, the release date for Halo Infinite was leaked early.
Halo Infinite Release Date, Special Edition Xbox Console & Controller Announced - The Dad
2 months
Loads of Halo Infinite helmet images have surfaced via datamine, and it shows that a Fallout heltmet is incoming along with skulls, a man-bun & more.
Halo Infinite Helmet Images Leak via Datamine, Including One From Fallout - MP1st
2 months
Halo Infinite will be stuffed full of cosmetics to play for when it launches, and many of the game's helmets have now been leaked online.
Nearly every Halo Infinite helmet revealed by leak -
2 months
A supposed 343 Industries dev has spoken out on 'Halo Infinite''s lack of co-op and Forge at launch, saying that the campaign is under a "massive strain".
‘Halo Infinite’ campaign under “massive strain” according to dev -
2 months
In a lengthy development update video released on Friday, Halo Infinite developer 343 Industries talked over the feedback from its recent multiplayer tech test and also dropped some news about the upcoming launch, covering what is and what isn't going to be in the game on day one. Some Halo mainstays, including campaign co-op and the Forge mode, will not be available on launch day.Campaign co-op is planned for Halo Infinite's Season 2, with each of the game's multiplayer seasons lasting about three months. "Unfortunately, as we focused the team for a quality experience for launch, we made the really tough decision to delay shipping campaign co-op for launch, and we made the tough decision for delaying Forge past launch as well," says creative director Joseph Staten.Staten says the Forge and co-op just hadn't hit the quality bar they needed to ship, so they'll fit into the seasonal post-launch roadmap. Campaign co-op arriving in season 2 means it should show up about three months after launch—assuming it lands at the start of the season and not the end. Forge is planned for season 3, meaning it will likely be added to the game about six months after launch.Staten explains the more open-ended nature of Halo Infinite is a big development challenge in terms of "save systems and all the technology that drives this more non-linear experience, and in the co-op experience that's even more complicated. That's another reason why it's going to take longer, just to make sure it's quality."There's still no release date, but 343 will be talking about launch date "soon." The studio is also planning another tech test soon, which will include big team battles.Some other tidbits from the video: 
Halo Infinite's campaign co-op and Forge mode are coming months after launch - PC Gamer
2 months
It looks like a new Halo Infinite map has leaked online which shows a new multiplayer arena.
A new Halo Infinite map may have leaked – and it looks legit - Techradar
2 months
Footage shows a Sabre spaceship ready to take flight
New Halo Infinite map footage leaks online - Gamesradar
2 months
A rating from the Australian Classification Board has many pundits convinced the release date of 'Halo Infinite' is all but confirmed.
Australia may have just accidentally confirmed the release of ‘Halo Infinite’ - The Brag
2 months
The file size of Halo Infinite may have been revealed, and it represents yet another Xbox Series X game which will take up a huge chunk of storage.
Halo Infinite’s huge file size isn’t a surprise, but it’s a growing problem on Xbox Series X - TechRadar
3 months
Forza Horizon, due on November 9, has also been rated in Australia…
Halo Infinite has been rated, potentially cementing 2021 release date - Video Games Chronicle
3 months
The mode has been the subject of several conflicting reports
Rumored Halo Infinite battle royale will reportedly build on the campaign - Gamesradar
3 months
Halo Infinite could weigh in at nearly 100GB
Leaked Halo Infinite install size makes it the biggest in the series - Gamesradar
3 months
Back in 2018, at the height of the battle royale craze, there was talk of Halo Infinite tacking on the popular game mode to its multiplayer. Despite  the ...
Will Halo Infinite multiplayer include battle royale? - App Trigger
3 months
Halo Infinite reportedly doesn’t run so well on older hardware like the Xbox One and Xbox One X.
Halo Infinite impresses on Xbox Series X, as older consoles suffer - Techradar
3 months
Halo 5 is finally getting what it deserves. Wait, come back, it's a good thing, we promise. Halo Infinite owes its predecessor a debt.
‘Halo Infinite’ is giving the best bits of ‘Halo 5’ multiplayer a second chance -
July 2021
3 months
The first beta of Halo Infinite will begin this weekend. It’s the first of many opportunities to test the multiplayer aspects of Halo Infinite.
Halo Infinite’s first multiplayer beta begins on July 29th - The Verge
3 months
New screenshots of Halo Infinite are here, and its upcoming technical preview focused on gameplay vs. bots could be starting this weekend.
Halo Infinite Hints at Preview Test Start Date, Shows New Screenshots - GameRant
3 months
Players interested in participating are urged to sign up to be eligible…
Halo Infinite multiplayer beta details will be announced this month - Video Games Chronicle
3 months
343 Industries is getting ready to start running Halo Infinite multiplayer test flights, and it's encouraging players to get properly signed up ahead
Halo Infinite Dev Wants As Many People In Multiplayer Previews As Possible - Screen Rant
4 months
Starting to feel like the endless march of live service games is taking up all of your time? Apparently, Halo Infinite will be different
‘Halo Infinite’ developer 343 industries is right – gaming shouldn’t feel like “a second job” -
June 2021
4 months
Although a firm Halo Infinite release date has yet to be set, internal talks at Microsoft surrounding when to launch the game have narrowed from the
Halo Infinite Release Date Narrowed Down To 'A Few Weeks,' Phil Spencer Says - Kotaku Australia
4 months
But window is within "three-to-four week range"
Xbox suggests Halo Infinite doesn’t have an exact date because it’s ‘waiting on other games’ - Video Games Chronicle
4 months
After a few rough outings with the Halo series, 343 seems to finally be on track to make Halo Infinite's multiplayer the best it can be for Halo fans.
Halo Infinite's Multiplayer Seems To Be Doing Everything Right - GameRant
4 months
Halo Infinite will include a multiplayer battle mode when it launches over the 2021 holiday season, the games E3 2021 trailer reveals.
Halo Infinite E3 trailer promises epic multiplayer battles when it launches later this year -
4 months
Halo Infinite was shown at Microsoft's E3 2021 conference, but although we didn't get a release date, we did get an important update.
Halo Infinite’s biggest rumor has finally been put to bed - TechRadar
May 2021
5 months
Master Chief is synonymous with the Halo franchise, and even one of the most iconic video game characters, but it's time for him to retire.
Halo Infinite Should Be Master Chief's Last Outing - GameRant
April 2021
6 months
Gamers discuss their most anticipated games, with the upcoming Halo Infinite likely being Microsoft's blockbuster game this year.
Halo Infinite Trends as Gamers Discuss Their Most Anticipated Games - GameRant
March 2021
8 months
Halo Infinite's world isn't quite as open as some have speculated, according to an in-depth Ask343 developer stream posted last night.That was just one of dozens of insights provided during the 40-minute AMA, which covered everything from weather systems and vehicle reworks to the tiny critters that'll populate the ringworld's ecosystem. Speaking to tensions raised by a very Ubisoft-looking map screen in last year's reveal, gameplay director Troy Mashburn explained that Master Chief won't be out "gathering leather" or crafting new items.Instead, he cites missions like The Silent Cartographer, a level in the first Halo that effectively gave you free reign over a small island—letting you approach fights from different angles or else avoid them entirely. The team wants to stretch this ethos across the entire game. Citing an instance in Halo 5 where a level transition would take a Scorpion tank away from you at a gate, Mashburn explains that Infinite imagines a scenario where not only do you get to keep the tank, but you could use it to bypass the gate entirely—sneaking around to blow up enemy armour before they even know you're around.If you find yourself in a banshee, no invisible walls will stop you from nipping ahead and finding new marines to rescue, Banished to fight, or caves to spelunk. But it doesn't sound like a game brimming with countless, sprawling side-quests, and the main plot will always drag you back to an "anchor" point. The world still sounds quite open—just not in the checklist-clearing way that's come to define the term "open world."The devlog does make it feel like the world will feel alive and grounded, mind. The setting of Zeta Halo will feature proper weather patterns, and the ring itself is a 3D model that may occasionally eclipse the sun during day/night rotations. There won't be hostile fauna to deal with, but the ring is teeming with adorable "space gophers," and bioluminescent creatures that skitter in the dark.Sadly, for fans of Halo 3's akimbo SMGs, duel-wielding won't be making a return. 343 would prefer to focus on the guns/grenades/melee/equipment loop, and duel-wielding simply didn't fit. There also won't be any playable Elites, sorry. 343 said Infinite is purely a "Master Chief and Spartan story", though didn't write off making the leathery aliens playable in future. Remember, Halo Infinite is meant to stick around for the next ten years. Who knows what'll happen?Halo Infinite is due this autumn.
Halo Infinite's ringworld isn't open-world, but it is teeming with gophers - PC Gamer
February 2021
8 months
Fans have been craving for Halo Infinite's release date for some time but there's a lot of information out there to make an educated guess.
Predicting Halo Infinite's Release Date - GameRant
October 2020
12 months
Bloomberg reported on Oct. 28 that Chris Lee, formerly the Halo Infinite head of studio for 343 Industries, had left that role, although he remained employed by Microsoft. He is the third senior developer to leave the Xbox flagship in the past year.
Report: Halo Infinite director ‘stepped back’ after disappointing demo - Polygon
Halo Infinite is an upcoming First-person shooter developed by 343 Industries and published by Xbox Game Studios for Microsoft Windows, Xbox One and the upcoming Project Scarlett.
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