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September 2021
4 weeks
On the heels of President Joe Biden telling agencies to brace for a potential government shutdown, HHS anticipates the move would furlough 43 percent of its staff.
Government shutdown would furlough 43% of HHS - Becker's Hospital Review
4 weeks
Sen. James Lankford (R-OK), member of the Senate Finance Committee has made a bold move with an election year on the horizon. Rather than concentrating completely on his present campaign,
Sen. Lankford introduces bill to prevent government shutdowns -
4 weeks
West Virginia Adjutant General Brig. Gen. William “Bill” Crane has released a statement on what the National Guard will do in the case of a potential government shutdown after Sept. 30th.
West Virginia National Guard to respond if government shutdown happens -
4 weeks
The federal contracting community will feel relieved if Congress proceeds with a continuing resolution, and avoids a lapse in appropriations. Fondly known as a government shutdown.
Lack of a government shutdown is not the same as a timely start to the fiscal year - Federal News Network
4 weeks
The U.S. government is on track to run out of funding at midnight on Thursday unless an agreement is reached.
Joe Biden Braces for What Would Be Earliest Government Shutdown in Any Administration - Newsweek
4 weeks
Here we go again. The federal government is on track for another possible shutdown. A vote is expected this week on funding the federal government to keep the lights on in Washington. The deadline …
Another unnecessary government shutdown looming - WIZM NEWS
4 weeks
The bipartisan bill would amend the Inspectors General Act of 1978.
Legislation Would Keep Inspectors General Active During Government Shutdowns - Nextgov
4 weeks
Thousands of civilian Defense Department and VA civilian workers could be furloughed on Friday if lawmakers can't reach a deal on a budget extension.
DoD, VA officials prep for a possible government shutdown later this week - Military Times
4 weeks
FOR the third time in three years, the government might shut down next week. With a deadline creeping up, there doesn’t appear to be enough votes in Congress to keep the government open. What…
Government shutdown looms; local political analyst reacts - KTTC
4 weeks
U.S. President Donald Trump's threat not to sign a $2.3 trillion spending package approved by Congress means that parts of the federal government may have to shut down as soon as Monday even as it grapples with the coronavirus pandemic.
Factbox: What happens if the U.S. government runs out of money on Monday? - Reuters
4 weeks
The White House warned Monday that the looming government shutdown could hamper efforts to combat the COVID-19 pandemic.
White House warns government shutdown could hurt fight against COVID - Yahoo News
4 weeks
In just four days, the federal government is set to shut down unless Congress passes a funding bill, while the U.S. is also facing a potential debt crisis.
Government shutdown looming unless Congress passes funding bill -
4 weeks
For Black America this shutdown could compound hurt on top of hurt as loss of payment could further damage access to credit for many.
Looming government shutdown could critically hurt Black communities - TheGrio
4 weeks
Washington is racing to avert a partial government shutdown that could lead to furloughs for hundreds of thousands of federal workers in the middle of a national health crisis.
Explainer: What happens when the U.S. federal government shuts down? - Reuters
4 weeks
Republican senators have blocked a bill to keep the U.S. government funded and allow borrowing…
GOP blocks bill to keep government going; new try ahead - Federal News Network
4 weeks
The Biden administration has formally begun the countdown to a partial government shutdown starting Friday with a call to agencies on making preparations,
Government Shutdown Countdown Formally Begins - FEDweek
4 weeks
FOR the third time in three years, the government might shut down next week. With a deadline creeping up, there doesn’t appear to be enough votes in Congress to keep the government open. What…
Will the US government shut down in 2021?... - The US Sun
4 weeks
One of the big differences between government and the private sector is the field of labor relations. In industry, it is usually disgruntled workers who go out on strike.
Curious about the impact of a shutdown? Just Wait. - Federal News Network
4 weeks
Democrats in Congress are also preparing to vote on two big infrastructure spending bills.
Democrats Try To Avoid Government Shutdown Ahead Of Heavy Deadlines - Iowa Public Radio
4 weeks
WASHINGTON—It’s crunch time on Capitol Hill, as lawmakers face a Sept. 30 deadline for key legislation that could affect everyone in the United States. And all the items are controversial.
Congressional crunch time: GOP threatens government shutdown, Manchin blocks progressive agenda - People's World
4 weeks
WASHINGTON, D.C. — With the possibility of a federal government shutdown on Friday, the start of fiscal year (FY) 2022, Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton (D-DC) today reminded District of Columbia residents that a provision she got included in the FY 2021 D.C. Appropriations bill exempts the D.C. government from a federal government shutdown in FY 2022. Norton has gotten the D.C. government exempted from federal government shutdowns each year since FY 2015. 
Norton Provision Will Keep D.C. Government Open if Federal Government Shuts Down -
4 weeks
September 30th marks the end of the fiscal year. That means lawmakers in Washington have just days to figure out how to keep the government running past then and how to deal with the debt ceiling that was breached during the summer. When asked if the government will meet the September 30th deadline, David Williams with the taxpayers protection alliance says “Who knows, right, because Congress, they do this every year. They wait until the very last minute. ”
Waste Watch: Is a possible Government Shutdown looming? - Fox Baltimore
4 weeks
The vote on a $1 trillion infrastructure bill for roads and bridges that was supposed to happen today has been pushed off until Thursday because Democrats admit they don't the votes. 
No Infrastructure Vote for Now as Debt Default and Government Shutdown Train Wreck Looms Over Congress - CBN News
4 weeks
WASHINGTON (AP) — Republican senators blocked a bill Monday night to keep the government operating and allow federal borrowing, but Democrats aiming to avert a shutdown pledged to try again — at the same time pressing ahead on President Joe Biden’s big plans to reshape government.
Biden, Congress face big week for agenda, government funding - Associated Press
4 weeks
The government shutdown deadline is right around the corner. The good news? Congress has learned a few things from the last shutdown, bringing the tiniest bit of certainty to feds with their back pay…
Government shutdown talk is back, again. Have we learned anything from the last ones? - Federal News Network
4 weeks
There’s still time for lawmakers to avoid shutting down the federal government, but if they can’t do it, higher education shouldn’t have much to worry about -- as long as the shutdown doesn’t last too long.
Would the government shutdown impact SNAP benefits? - AS English
1 month
As the government is set to run out of funding by the end of the week, they face a possible shutdown. In an effort to keep the government open lawmakers are trying to pass a new budget to do that. The clock is ticking for Congress to get things done. SEE ALSO:Pelosi vows to pass infrastructure, eyes smaller social billA shutdown is looming with government funding set to expire on September 30. "We need to make sure we don't shutdown the government," said Senator Mark Warner.
Virginia lawmakers react to potential government shutdown - WSET
1 month
The government shutdown deadline is right around the corner. The good news? Congress has learned a few things from the last shutdown, bringing the tiniest bit of certainty to feds with their back pay…
Why is the White House planning for a government shutdown? - AS English
1 month
Democrats are pursuing an almost certainly doomed strategy to avert a government shutdown and stave off a federal default, raising the likelihood of financial-market stresses that will ultimately force U.S. lawmakers’ hands.
Debt Ceiling Deadline 2021 Approaches With Government Shutdown Risk Rising - Bloomberg
1 month
The U.S. is facing a possible government shutdown next week because lawmakers are at odds over the federal budget.
Government shutdown looms amid federal budget feud - NEWS10 ABC
1 month
INDIANAPOLIS – Thousands of federal workers, including some Hoosiers, could be furloughed next week if Congress doesn’t reach a deal on a new government funding package. If a new government funding…
Federal workers in Indiana concerned about potential government shutdown - Fox 59
1 month
INDIANAPOLIS – Thousands of federal workers, including some Hoosiers, could be furloughed next week if Congress doesn’t reach a deal on a new government funding package. If a new govern…
Federal workers in Indiana worried about possible government shutdown - WTTV CBS4Indy
1 month
The government could shut down in the next week if congress does not step in.
Virginia legislators speak out ahead of potential government shutdown - WSLS 10
1 month
If the government shuts down next week, here's what would happen.
Government shutdown: What to know - The Washington Post
1 month
OMB said it’s confident Congress will avoid a lapse in appropriations before next Thursday’s deadline.
OMB tells agencies to start planning for possible government shutdown - Federal News Network
1 month
Anthony Fauci says the “the worst time” for a government shutdown is in the middle of a pandemic, a warning that comes as Congress is barreling toward a financial impasse that could close down the government.
Fauci: 'Worst time' for a government shutdown is in middle of pandemic | TheHill - The Hill
1 month
While members of Congress and the White House are using the threat of a shutdown to win a budgetary or fiscal victory, the pawns are you.
Shutdown ahead? Groundhog Day, government style! - Federal News Network
1 month
Congress is currently working to avoid a cliff-edge in federal funding that could see certain non-essential government agencies forced to close temporarily.
Is a government shutdown going to happen at the end of the month? - AS English
1 month
The CR also temporarily suspends the debt limit through December 2022.
House advances nine-week continuing resolution, but it faces uphill Senate battle - Federal News Network
1 month
Failure to fund the U.S. government leads to a shutdown, but failure to increase the debt ceiling would lead to default.
Debt ceiling vs government shutdown: How they're different and why they matter - CNBC
1 month
Democrats aim to pass President Biden's economic plans, fund the government, raise the debt ceiling and approve an abortion rights bill in weeks.
Here are the major issues and deadlines facing Congress as lawmakers return to Washington - CNBC
1 month
The Senate returns to Capitol Hill this week with a mountain of work, and less than three weeks to prevent a government shutdown.
September is looking downright nutty - Federal News Network
1 month
The House is planning votes on a stopgap spending bill with a debt limit measure included, with multiple other issues pending, and Republicans refusing to support it. That could mean two “cliffs” involving a government shutdown and a debt default.
The Looming Government Shutdown and Debt Default ‘Cliffs’ - New York Magazine
2 months
Lawmakers are bracing for budget battles later this month when they return to Washington, where they’ll be racing against the clock to pass trillions of dollars in spending while the threat of a government shutdown looms.
Congress braces for spending fights amid threat of government shutdown | TheHill - The Hill
June 2021
5 months
One of the two GOP holdouts blocking the proposed budget and tax cuts forged by Republican legislative leaders and Gov. Doug Ducey is working on a compromise plan. 
Staring at a government shutdown, Republicans seek compromise on tax cuts - Arizona Mirror
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