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November 2021
2 weeks
In some communities, it is even advised that a person does not eat, or work during the hours of the eclipse. There are also some dietary beliefs which
Chandra Grahan 2020: Is it safe to eat food during Lunar eclipse? What do traditional beliefs say? Explai - Times of India
2 weeks
The moon will turn orange or even red. And the eclipse — expected to be the longest this century — will be best to see in eastern and southern Africa, the Middle East, eastern Europe and south Asia.
Friday's Lunar Eclipse Expected To Be Longest This Century - NPR
2 weeks
A total lunar eclipse will occur overnight on Jan. 20-21, 2019. It will be visible across the continental U.S. and is nicknamed the “super blood wolf moon.”
2019 lunar eclipse: 5 things to know about the 'super blood wolf moon' -
2 weeks
Murderous pets and hungry jaguars are only some of the stories cultures use to explain lunar eclipses.
Lunar Eclipse Myths From Around the World - National Geographic
2 weeks
A partial lunar eclipse occurs on November 19, 2021. It will reach the Americas, North Europe, eastern Asia, Australia, and
Partial lunar eclipse November 18-19: Great for North America - EarthSky
2 weeks
Here is all you need to know about the date, time, when, where, and how to watch the lunar eclipse in India.
Lunar Eclipse 2021: Date, time, where and how to watch Chandra Grahan in India - India Today
October 2021
1 month
It's a busy night on the box, what with a Hollywood-heavy Graham Norton Show, The Late Late Show taking care of business, Simon and Garfunkel, and the return of The Blame Game, Dickinson and Narcos: Mexico . . .
Sky Watch: November's treats include a partial lunar eclipse and that sweet extra hour of sleep - The Washington Post
May 2021
6 months is NASA's deep dive resource for lunar exploration from astronauts to robots.
How to view the lunar eclipse in Kansas City Wednesday morning - KSHB
April 2021
7 months
Here are the dates of all solar and lunar eclipses in the year 2021. Is there one you can see? The next one is a total lunar eclipse, coming up in May.
Dates of lunar and solar eclipses in 2021 | Astronomy Essentials -
November 2020
1 year
Lunar Eclipse, Chandra Grahan November 2020 Date and Time, Today Timings in India, Live Streaming Updates: This is the last lunar eclipse for 2020, and it will not be visible for people in India. It will take place from 1:02 PM IST to 5:23 PM IST according to
Lunar Eclipse 2020 LIVE Updates: Timings, other facts to keep in mind about today’s eclipse - The Indian Express
1 year
Lunar Eclipse (Chandra Grahan) November 2020 Date, Timings in India: Here's everything you need to know about the penumbral lunar eclipse taking place on November 30.
Lunar Eclipse 2020: Important fact about Nov 30 penumbral lunar eclipse - The Indian Express
July 2020
1 year
The longest lunar eclipse of the century will happen July 27, 2018, but you may need to travel far to see it
Prepare for the longest lunar eclipse of the century, coming up this month - CBS News
1 year
Lunar Eclipse, Chandra Grahan July 2020, Penumbral Lunar Eclipse Date and Time, Today Timings in India, Live Streaming Updates: The lunar eclipse of July 5 will begin at 8:37 AM IST and will end at 11:22 AM IST. The eclipse will reach its peak at 9:59 AM IST. The livestream of the penumbral lunar eclipse will be available on YouTube channels including Sloohand and the Virtual Telescope website.
Lunar Eclipse 2020 Highlights: Penumbral lunar eclipse ends, one more to go in 2020 - The Indian Express
1 year
Penumbral Lunar Eclipse July 2020: During a penumbral lunar eclipse, the Moon does not disappear partially or fully, it just becomes a bit faint, which means that humans might not be able to differentiate between the full Moon and the eclipsed Moon. 
Penumbral Lunar Eclipse July 5, 2020: Some important facts about lunar eclipse - The Indian Express
1 year
Lunar Eclipse 2020 Live Stream: It will be difficult for people to notice anything until the Moon’s edge has slid at least halfway inside of the Earth’s penumbra. The only penumbral lunar eclipse of the year left will take place between November 29 to November 30. In 2020, all lunar eclipses are penumbral.
Penumbral Lunar Eclipse July 2020: When, where to watch Livestream of Lunar Eclipse in India - The Indian Express
1 year
The penumbral lunar eclipse of July 4-5, 2020 will be so nearly imperceptible that some will see nothing even while staring at it. Then again … very observant people will notice something strange happening on the moon, without knowing an eclipse is taking place. Who will see it (or not) in this post.
Full moon, faint eclipse, on July 4-5 | Sky Archive - EarthSky
1 year
Lunar Eclipse (Chandra Grahan) July 2020 Date and Time, Full Moon Penumbral Lunar Eclipse July 2020 Timings in India: We will get to spectate the third lunar eclipse of 2020 on July 5. This will be a penumbral lunar eclipse, which will begin at 8:37 AM IST according to and will end at 11:22 AM IST.
Lunar Eclipse 2020 Date, Timings in India: Everything you need to know about July 5 penumbral lunar eclipse - The Indian Express
June 2020
1 year
Even as a penumbral eclipse is happening in your sky, you might not notice anything different about the moon. On the other hand, very observant people can detect a dark shading on the moon's face during a penumbral eclipse.
What's a penumbral eclipse of the moon? | Astronomy Essentials - EarthSky
1 year
The event will be visible from India as well as from Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa, Pacific, Atlantic, Indian Ocean, and Arctic region.
Lunar Eclipse 2020 Date, Timings: Important facts about this year’s first lunar eclipse - The Indian Express
1 year
Lunar Eclipse Chandra Grahan June 2020, Full Moon Penumbral Lunar Eclipse 2020 Today Timings in India: Here is a look at some interesting facts about 2020's second penumbral lunar eclipse happening on June 5-6.
Lunar Eclipse 2020: Important facts about this Year Lunar Eclipse - The Indian Express
1 year
Lunar Eclipse Chandra Grahan June 2020 Date, Full Moon Penumbral Lunar Eclipse Today Timings in India: The second full moon penumbral lunar eclipse of 2020, which will start at 11:15 PM IST and will end at 2:34 AM IST on June 6. Here's everything that you need to know about it.
Lunar Eclipse 2020: Date, Time and everything you need to know about Friday’s penumbral lunar eclipse - The Indian Express
1 year
According to NASA, there is no evidence to prove that lunar eclipses have a physical effect on people, but eclipses can produce “profound psychological effects”. Read on
Lunar Eclipse 2020: Is Lunar Eclipse harmful? What are the adverse effects of Lunar Eclipse? - Hindustan Times
1 year
Lunar Eclipse 2020, Penumbral lunar eclipse, Myths and beliefs behind eclipse, Lunar eclipse, What happens during lunar eclipse
Lunar Eclipse 2020: Ancient Myths And Beliefs That Revolve Round a Lunar Eclipse -
January 2020
2 years
ECLIPSE season is again upon us, with the next astronomical event occurring this week. Here is everything you need to know about the Full Wolf Moon eclipse before the phenomena’s impending arrival.
Eclipse 2020: Astronomers welcome 'Eclipse season' before tomorrow's Lunar Eclipse -
2 years
Enjoy the first full moon of the year on January 10, 2020, This full moon will undergo a penumbral lunar eclipse. At mid-eclipse, you will find a slight shading - Earth's penumbral shadow - on one side of the moon.
Penumbral eclipse of the moon on January 10 | Sky Archive - EarthSky
2 years
First Lunar Eclipse January 2020 in India: It's a penumbral lunar eclipse, and no the Moon does not turn totally dark or go red in such eclipses. In total, four such penumbral lunar eclipses are expected to take place in 2020 with the first one on January 10, 2020.
Lunar Eclipse 2020 details: Date, time of first lunar eclipse of 2020 this week - The Indian Express
July 2019
2 years
Photographers from Sydney to Brasilia capture July’s stunning partial lunar eclipse
Lunar eclipse 2019: from Australia to UK, stargazers enjoy bright side of the moon - The Guardian
2 years
Unfortunately, North America misses out on this eclipse entirely. The eclipse is visible from South America at early evening July 16. From Europe and Africa, it happens later in the evening July 16. In Asia and Australia, watch for the eclipse to occur during the morning nighttime hours July 17.
Partial lunar eclipse on July 16-17 | Sky Archive - EarthSky
2 years
How do solar and lunar eclipses influence animal behavior? While the human world gathers to see tonight's lunar eclipse, what's the rest of nature doing?
Eclipses make animals do strange things | Earth - EarthSky
January 2019
3 years
It's a supermoon eclipse, and many are calling it a Blood Moon eclipse. The January 20-21, 2019, total eclipse of the moon will be viewed from North and South America, Greenland, Iceland, Europe, northern and western Africa plus the Arctic regions of the globe.
The total lunar eclipse of January 20-21 | Tonight - EarthSky
3 years
If Earth didn't have an atmosphere, the moon would be dark - perhaps even invisible - when entirely eclipsed within Earth's shadow.
Why does moon in total eclipse look red? - EarthSky
July 2018
3 years
It'll be the longest total lunar eclipse of this century, with Mars - at its brightest - nearby. Red moon, red Mars. It doesn't get any better than this.
Century's longest lunar eclipse July 27 | Sky Archive - EarthSky
3 years
This so-called blood moon will be visible from every continent on Earth except North America.
How to Watch the Lunar Eclipse on Friday - WIRED
3 years
The longest "blood moon" lunar eclipse of the century is on Friday, July 27. Here’s how to watch.
Lunar eclipse 2018: how to watch the full moon turn blood red -
3 years
The longest lunar eclipse of the 21st century is on July 27, 2018. HowStuffWorks looks at the science of lunar eclipses and why this one is so long.
Longest Lunar Eclipse of the Century Is Coming - HowStuffWorks
March 2016
6 years
It's sometimes said that, on a worldwide scale, solar eclipses outnumber lunar eclipses by about a three to two margin. True?
Are solar eclipses more common than lunar eclipses? - EarthSky
April 2015
7 years
Western North America will see the total eclipse before dawn April 4. Eastern Asia, Indonesia, New Zealand and Australia see it on the evening of April 4.
Total eclipse of the moon on April 4! | Sky Archive - EarthSky
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