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Strawberry Pop-tarts Lawsuit

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October 2021
1 month
An Illinois consumer has hit Kellogg with proposed class federal court claims that the company misleadingly packages its frosted strawberry Pop-Tarts to mask the fact that they also contain relatively large amounts of apples and pears.
Suit Says Kellogg's Strawberry Pop-Tarts Mislead On Fruit - Law360
1 month
A Canadian court agrees the brand has left consumers confused about its health benefits.
Canada Dry Settles Yet Another 'Not Enough Ginger in Ginger Ale' Lawsuit - Food & Wine
1 month
A New York woman has sued Kellogg for not having enough fruit in their strawberry flavored Pop-Tarts. "The advertising on boxes for their strawberry pop-tarts are misleading because the filling uses fewer strawberries than expected," according to the lawsuit filed last week. She claims the pastry contains more pears and apples than strawberries. The lawsuit is calling for a jury trial and asks for over $5 million in damages.
Kellogg hit with $5 million lawsuit for not having enough fruit in strawberry Pop-Tarts -
1 month
A New York woman filed a lawsuit against Kellogg's saying the way they market their strawberry Pop-Tart is misleading. Elizabeth Russet claims the fruit filling in Kellogg's Whole Grain Frosted Strawberry Toaster Pastries is mostly other fruits, according to the lawsuit. The lawsuit says the Pop-Tarts are actually heavier on pears and apples than strawberries. Kellogg's sued for not ... by ABC15 News.
Kellogg's sued for not having enough strawberries in Pop-Tarts -
1 month
Kellogg’s is being sued after a customer complained that the apparent lack of strawberries in its pop-tarts amounted to false advertising.
Kellogg’s is being sued because there’s ‘not enough strawberry’ in its strawberry Pop-Tarts - indy100
2 months
A class-action lawsuit has accused Kellogg's of misleading customers about the fruit content of their frosted strawberry Pop-Tarts, claiming they contain few actual strawberries. 
Kellogg's sued over lack of strawberries in its Pop-Tarts - Daily Mail
September 2021
June 2021
6 months
Pop-Tarts released three new flavors inspired by fruit desserts—lemon creme pie, banana creme pie, and peach cobbler—and they're seriously so good.
The New Pop-Tarts Flavors Are A Must-Have — New Pop-Tarts Flavors 2021 Review - Delish
March 2021
8 months
Pop-Tarts released three new fruit flavors, according to a listing on the Meijer website, that include peach cobbler, tropical mango, and lemon creme pie.
Pop-Tarts Is Releasing 3 New Fruit Flavors - Delish
January 2021
November 2017
4 years
The debate hasn't been this intense since the internet took on pineapple pizza.
Oklahoma woman swears by Pop Tarts with ranch dressing - KTRK-TV
August 2017
April 2016
6 years
For starters, get to know the two crazy flavors the world is about to flip over.
Things You Don't Know About Pop-Tarts - Delish
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