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hitfix.com7 years ago
In one of the biggest box office shockers so far this year, the low-budget thriller "The Purge" got plenty of genre fans out of the house Friday night, surprising many by picking up a huge $16.7 million. Easily surpassing fellow opener "The Internship ...
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Riding high on the record box-office success in India and abroad, STAR India is leaving no stone unturned for the small-screen debut of James Cameron's Avatar this Sunday. According to media buyers, for the first time, there has been a surge in ...
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Clint Eastwood je legenda! Tento herec, režisér a producent je dvojnásobným držitelem Oscara, nikoliv však za hlavní roli, ale za režii. Narodil se 31. května 1930 v San Franciscu, nedávno oslavil své sedmaosmdesáté narozeniny. Jeho otec pracoval jako ...
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After the success of UFC 205, 206 and 207, the company has opened 2017 on a bit of a down note. Their first two pay-per-view events haven't exactly lived up to ...
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What do you hear from Jim Cameron about Avatar 2 and 3? WORTHINGTON: Jim talked to me on my birthday. In regards to Avatar, he's writing the bible, at the moment, which is a precursor to Avatar 1 and the whole world, basically. ...
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One night of chaos, where all crime is legal, to “purge” America of its violent tendencies. Of course the idea for this night of terror comes from the new patriot group that comes into power. Called the New Founders of America (NFA), they believe in ...
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