What is TrendGorilla?

April 8, 2014

TrendGorilla.com is beyond a living commentary of the most demanded information on the internet. By visually simplifying aggregate information sources, TrendGorilla has revolutionized subject matter at a glance. Discovery, identification, definition and relevancy in a single illustration, we bring you a 360 degree snapshot of 74,072 trending topics.

TrendGorilla aims to bring relevant information to the masses. It was born because the internet itself is a jungle. With hard to reach information scattered everywhere, our goal is to sift through the hard to reach stuff, and bring to you only quality content. From its humble inception, to the glorious beast it is today welcome to TrendGorilla.com

TrendGorilla is proudly Canadian and hosted mostly in Edmonton, AB. It was written using PHP, MySQL and served by the Apache webserver running on the Linux operating system.

Company Story