Idris Elba & Kat Dennings Talk 'Thor 2'
8 years ago - Thor Clevver U! - Thor Trailer! - Click to Subscribe! - Become a Fan! - Follow Us! Attention Marvel Fans, we have some news on the upcoming Thor sequel that you won't want to miss! Idris Elba recently spoke about the sequel while promoting the upcoming Prometheus. He told MTV that he has not seen a script, but the outline promises a look at more of the Asgardians, including his character Heimdall. He said the film will be "huge", but will also focus on the individual characters and allow the audience to get a sense of who they really are. The hunky British actor told Collider that he hopes to learn a bit more about Heimdall in the sequel and he plans to start shooting Thor 2 after completing his Nelson Mandela project. Another Thor star, Kat Dennings, spoke about the sequel while promoting her series, 2 Broke Girls. Dennings says she is unsure if she will reprise her role, stating she hasn't heard anything yet from Marvel. Uh-oh. Considering Idris Elba knows his tentative shooting schedule, chances are Kat's lack of info could mean an upsetting absence from the film.
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Idris Elba & Kat Dennings Talk 'Thor 2'
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