Has Apple Really Ever Invented Anything?
Own this 8bit music: zweihander.bandcamp.com Not a member? Join with your Steam account: teksyndicate.com Here is a link to the contest: teksyndicate.com Kana Mouse Review: www.youtube.com Apple has been creating chaos in the courts lately, but did they actually ever invent anything? This video explains that Apple is a recipe company, not an invention company. This does not mean that they do not innovate, it simply means that they are responsible for less than you think. In this we cover the following: Firewire, Newton, os9, osx, ios, ipad, ipod, ipod dock, 30 pin, mini display port, firewire, newton, pda, gridpad, magic mouse, dogcow, Apple II e card, Apple TV, mp3 players, tablets, etc.
2012-08-07 17:05:42
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Has Apple Really Ever Invented Anything?
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