Deval Patrick DNC Full Speech 2012, 'I Won't Let Obama Be "Bulli
CHARLOTTE, NC -- In one of his most forceful rebukes of his predecessor, Governor Deval Patrick said that Mitt Romney "talks a lot about all the things he's fixed, but I can tell you Massachusetts wasn't one of them," according to remarks prepared for delivery Tuesday night. Raise Your Voice Care about the campaign? Click to write to the candidates. Patrick's speech, about an hour before first lady Michelle Obama, sought to rally the party faithful at the Democratic National Convention. Patrick has been performing a similar role in front of Democratic groups throughout the country, energizing party activists, increasing his visibility, and raising money for his political action committee. Patrick also appeared on cable news Tuesday morning and addressed the state delegation, making a similar argument against Romney. But Tuesday night was an opportunity to showcase his close-up critique of Romney to a larger audience. He planned to call Romney "a fine fellow and a great salesman," while adding that "as governor, he was more interested in having a job than doing it." The lines are typical of Patrick, highly critical without sounding personal or angry, while offering a backhanded compliment. "In Massachusetts, we know Mitt Romney," Patrick said.
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Deval Patrick DNC Full Speech 2012, 'I Won't Let Obama Be "Bulli
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