Taylor Swift "Today was a Fairytale" Music Video HD
My daughter Juliette loves Taylor Swift and I love my daughter so we made this music video with Paul Hunt and his son Ethan. We couldn't have done it without the help of Paul Green, Rob Field, Sonja Nelson, Margaux Lodge, Mrs. Smith and her class, Monique Baird, John Peebler and his daughter Syndey, Benjamin Lyde, Ethan Lyde, Steven Lyde, Paden Bigelow, Annie Auernig, Hale Center Theater, Denver Riddle, Rivetal, Jed Ivie and of course Jill Hunt and Lorien Lyde. This was shot on the RED and SONY EX1. www.facebook.com
2010-10-24 12:41:06
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Taylor Swift "Today was a Fairytale" Music Video HD
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