Hope Solo vs Brandi Chastain
Hope Solo has been getting into it with United States soccer legend Brandi Chastain. After dominating the field, Solo thinks Chastain's comments are unjust. Prior to their match against North Korea, Chastain criticized defender Rachel Buehler saying on the broadcast, "Rachel Buehler with the giveaway there...As a defender, your responsibilities are defend, win the ball, and then keep possession, and that's something Rachel Buehler needs to improve on during this tournament." Solo then sent out a series of tweets attacking Chastain, tweeting at her directly. Watch more Olympics stories at: www.youtube.com Follow Rick on Twitter - www.twitter.com Follow John on Twitter - twitter.com TYT Sports on Facebook - www.facebook.com SI.com article: sportsillustrated.cnn.com ESPN.com article: espn.go.com
2012-07-31 17:42:19
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Hope Solo vs Brandi Chastain
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