Megan Rapinoe: "B" in PE [Back Home]
Part 2 of Back Home with Megan Rapinoe we visit her middle school and see where a young Pinoe was a bit of the class clown (and where she improbably got a "B" in her PE class). More info: Watch More Back Home Alex Morgan: Daughter of Diamond Bar [Part 1] - Alex Morgan: Pride of the Brahmas [Part 2] - Carli Lloyd: New Jersey State of Mind [Part 1] - Carli Lloyd: Delran to the Pros [Part 2] - Hope Solo: Solo on the Sound [Part 1] - Hope Solo: Emerald City 'Keeper [Part 2] - Lauren Cheney: Always Indy [Part 1] - Lauren Cheney: A Lady Giant [Part 2] - Megan Rapinoe: Redding Royalty [Part 1] - Megan Rapinoe: "B" in PE [Part 2] -
2012-08-03 08:17:30
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Megan Rapinoe: "B" in PE [Back Home]
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