Mc Chris Fett's Vette
A very nice Star Wars viedeo from Mc Chris. Update: Lyrics here in the description: Cruisin' Mos Espa In my Delorean War's over I'm a peacetime mandalorian My story has stumped Star Wars historians Deep in debate, Buffet plate at Bennigan's Rhyme renegade Sure to penetrate First and second defence I won't hesitate Got a job to do when Darth's the guy that delegates Got something against Skywalker Someone he really hates I don't give a fuck I'm after Solo For all I care He could be hidin' at Yoda's dojo Gotta make the money Credit's no good When the jawas run a shop In your neighborhood Think you can cook? I got a grappling hook Let's make this quick 'Cause I'm really booked I'm a devious degenerate Defender of the devil Shut down all the trash compactors On the detention level chorus My backpack's got jets Well I'm Boba the Fett Well I bounty hunt for Jabba Hutt To finance my 'Vette wicky wicky woo Well I chill in deep space A mask is over my face Well I deliver the prize But I still narrow my eyes 'Cause my time I don't like to waste. Get down I'm a question Wrapped inside an enigma Get inside of Slave One Find your homing signal From Endor to Hoth Ridley to Spock I'll find what you want But there's gonna be a cost See, my name is Boba Fett I know my shit is tight Start not actin'right You're frozen in carbonite Got telescopic sight Flame throwers on my wrist You still don't get the gist Spiked boots are made to kick Targets are made to hit You think I give a shit Yo ...
2008-04-28 14:16:34
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Mc Chris Fett's Vette
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