LORE - Batman: Arkham City Lore in a Minute!
KnightWing narrates this week's Batman: Arkham City lore!! Subscribe for a new Lore every Wednesday! Follow us on Twitter! www.twitter.com Written by Phil www.youtube.com Voiced by KnightWing www.youtube.com Edited by Schroeder www.youtube.com Art by DJ "Metaly" Ross www.youtube.com www.vghangover.com Transcript Left in ruins by Batman's final showdown with a Titan-enhanced Joker, Arkham Asylum is deemed no longer capable of housing the criminals of Gotham City by its newly appointed mayor and ex-warden of Arkham Asylum, Quincy Sharp. The brother-sister crime duo known as T&T, also jacked on Titan, make an attack on City Hall, and when they're thwarted by good 'ol Batman, they resort to blowing themselves up. Titan is a nasty drug. With Gotham City hall demolished and the populace in panic, Quincy Sharp takes this opportunity to declare martial law and reveal his plans for 'Arkham City.' Sharp plans to wall off half of the city to house criminals in an open-air detention facility, which effectively makes half of Gotham a playground for Batman's enemies. Mayor Quincy Sharp - wicked mastermind, you ask? Not so, as he's merely a puppet for an evil psychiatrist. Enter Hugo Strange - Arkham Asylum's resident psychiatrist and sinister architect of the Arkham City Project. His deranged obsession with Batman has led him to believe Bruce Wayne and the Bat are one and the same. Strange, having set the stage for chaos, wields absolute power in politics and crime alike and now sets ...
2012-07-18 10:00:11
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LORE - Batman: Arkham City Lore in a Minute!
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