Batman vs. Captain America In Real Life - Ultimate Fan Fights Ep
FB! RT! Mobile users, click here to vote: Captain America: Batman The Dark Knight takes on Captain America the first Super Soldier. Who would win in a fight? We want you to decide! It's batarang vs. shield in the first episode of Ultimate Fan Fights! Please like and share if you want to see more comic book/ video game/movie/TV badasses kick the crap out of each other. Who do you want to seefight? Let us know in the comments! New episodes air each month so subscribe to START! Give us your feedback! UFF Facebook Page: UFF is a web series created by: James Mark - Yung Lee - Director -- James Mark Producer -- Jon Ho Producer -- James Mark Producer -- Yung Lee Producer -- Avery Chan Executive Producer - Grant Thompson Executive Producer - Bernard Ho Associate Producer -- Mark Boucher Batman -- Eric Daniel Batman -- Geoff Meech Captain America -- Eli Martyr Director of Photography -- Justin Lovell Editor - Yung Lee Captain America Costume Designer -- Jenn Woodall Dark Knight Costume - Gotham City FX Production Manager -- Avery Chan Assistant Director -- Mark Boucher Stunt Coordinator -- Carl Fortin Fight Coordinator -- Chris Mark Stunts -- Jonny Caines, Dylan Rampulla, Will Bokan, Adrian Persad Assistant Camera -- Jamie Shaw Assistant Camera -- Rob Tagliaferri 2nd Assistant Camera -- Ernesto Lemus Steadicam -- Michael Heathcote Steadicam -- Yoann Malnati Gaffer ...
2012-07-17 12:59:54
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Batman vs. Captain America In Real Life - Ultimate Fan Fights Ep
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