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Compilation of the Best Batman scenes from the Justice League show. He has to be the greatest comic character ever created. Scene#1: Deadshot is being questioned after trying to escape the Justice League. From the episode "The Enemy Below" Scene#2: Another interrogation/intimidation method. He is asking about Felix Faust - the magician. From episode "Paradise Lost" Scene#3: Wonder Woman and Batman are looking for Orion, a god from New genesis so he can aid them in battle with Darkseid and Brainiac. From episode "Twilight" Scene#4: Batman confronts AMAZO a robot build by one of Luthors ex-scientists. He can copy his enemies powers...and not only that... Episode "Tabula Rasa" Scenes#5-7: All from episode "Only a Dream". The whole Justice League face a new threat, Dr. Destiny. He puts the whole League in a catatonic sleep in which he can control and eliminate them. The only ones left awake are Batman and J'onn. Scene#8: A short version of the dance and kindap scene from episode "Maid of Honor". Wonder Woman and Batman meet for the first time unmasked on a exquisite party in Paris. But does Diana know who Bruce really is? Scene#9: Also from episode "Maid of Honor". Batman is trying to stop a theft from STAR Labs commited by some Kaznian special forces unit. My personal favorite scene ;) Scene#10-11: Batman of our Earth is having an active conversation with Batman from The Justice Lords world. Who will convert who to his ideals? From "A Better World" epi. Scene#12: Flash is ...
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Batman scenes
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