MIDWAY(1976) Original Theatrical Trailer
A huge all-star cast was assembled for this retelling of one of the most important battles of WW 2-the battle of Midway Island in early June of 1942. Henry Fonda portrays US Navy Admiral Chester Nimitz, the Allied officer in charge of the Pacific Fleet during the war. Charlton Heston stars as Captain Matt Garth, the air operations officer, and Hal Holbrook is great as Commander Joe Rochefort, the intelligence officer in charge of the team that was able to crack the secret Japanese code. Robert Mitchum, Glenn Ford, Robert Wagner, Toshiro Mifune, Clyde Kusatsu, Pat Morita, Kevin Dobson, James Coburn, Monte Markham, Tom Selleck, Erik Estrada, Glenn Corbett, Steve Kanaly, Cliff Robertson, Robert Webber, James Shigeta, Yuki Shimoda, John Fujioka, Ed Nelson, Larry Csonka, and Dabney Coleman also appear.
2008-04-13 22:09:09
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MIDWAY(1976) Original Theatrical Trailer
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