Dennis Rodman Defends BFF Kim Jong-Un
"The United States' new top diplomat made his first official trip overseas last week, becoming the highest-profile American to visit with a young and enigmatic totalitarian dictator since the dictator was installed in power following the death of his father. After his trip, the diplomat, who, years before, had been a talented athlete, and who once wore a wedding dress to a press event promoting his autobiography, returned home and explained the nuances of the leader's worldview to a high-ranking member of a recent Presidential Administration who now hosts a morning variety show. The diplomat brought good news: the dictator had promised peace, which in translation came out as, "I don't want to do war. I don't want to do war."* Dennis Rodman is back from his trip to North Korea with his new friend for life, Kim Jong-Un, and he's giving interviews. How does he think he can unite Obama and the young dictator? Is his strange trip in any way harmful? Ben Mankiewicz (Host, Turner Classic Movies) and John Iadarola (Host, TYT University) discuss. *Read more: Support The Young Turks by Subscribing Like Us on Facebook: Follow Us on Twitter: Buy TYT Merch:
2013-03-05 01:44:21
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Dennis Rodman Defends BFF Kim Jong-Un
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