What you need to know about Tumblr
PLEASE READ: This is not my official channel. I use this channel to upload videos that I don't want to put on my music or vlog channel. You can view my other channels by clicking on the annotations above. ^^^ What you need to understand is that I don't take myself very seriously. I made this video almost as a joke, not expecting it to blow up and go viral in such a short amount of time. Tumblr DOESN'T have rules. And even more so, it IS open to everyone. The tips I explain in this video is more so to poke fun and indulge in the typical mindset of those of us that are Tumblr addicts. People are viewing it in a way I wasn't intending. They seem to think that I believe that anyone that steps outside of these points is not deserving of a Tumblr. Again, that is not the case. Like anything in life, be it the internet, friends, music, ect... there are trends that seem to develop. The 12 points I mention, are the trends that have developed for this particular website. To those of you that think I am breaking the 1st "rule" by making this video: It's okay if new people join Tumblr. At one point or another, we were all newbs. What I'm saying is that when you share Tumblr with people you know, it often leads to regret. Tumblr is often used as a diary of sorts. Often people vent because no one knows them personally, which means they can be open about their thoughts & feelings without a fear of being judged. When someone you know starts following you, this defeats the whole purpose ...
2010-12-12 19:53:27
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What you need to know about Tumblr
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