Jimmy Carter
jimmy carter
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March 2018
January 2018
January 28, 2018
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October 2017
October 24, 2017
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June 2017
3 years ago
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3 years ago
President Jimmy Carter pardoned these terrorists in 1979. Joining Jimmy Carter in his repugnant pardons and/or commutations of Puerto Rican terrorists was President Bill Clinton who tried to pardon Oscar Lopez Rivera and his fellow FALN terrorists in 1999.
3 years ago
Former President Carter greets passengers on DC-bound flight. 6:25pm EDT - 00:42. Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter shook hands with every passenger on a Delta flight from Atlanta to D.C.
3 years ago
It's not every day you're on the same flight as a former U.S. President. So imagine the surprise for passengers on a Delta flight headed from Washington to Atlanta, when President Jimmy Carter got on board. A passenger on board took out his phone and ...
3 years ago
Zbigniew Brzezinski, who served as national security adviser to President Jimmy Carter and was a noted author, lecturer and statesman, was remembered at his June 9 funeral Mass as brilliant political strategist who was deeply committed to his Catholic ...
3 years ago
Para el pasajero James Parker Sheffield, original de Atlanta, se trata de un momento que nunca olvidará. Según contó, iba en un vuelo hacia Washington, D.C. cuando el expresidente Jimmy Carter abordó. “Es difícil explicar en palabras lo que significó ...
3 years ago
So imagine the surprise for passengers on a Delta flight headed from Washington to Atlanta, when President Jimmy Carter got on board.
3 years ago
ATLANTA - Former President Jimmy Carter was recently spotted on a Delta Air Lines flight, where he shook the hands of every passenger before leaving Atlanta.
3 years ago
Related: Jimmy Carter said he voted for Bernie Sanders · According to the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Foundation, Carter "has demonstrated the personal and professional qualities exemplified by his dear friend President Gerald R. Ford - Integrity ...
3 years ago
FILE - In this Aug. 23, 2015, file photo, former President Jimmy Carter teaches Sunday School class at Maranatha Baptist Church in his hometown in Plains, Ga.
3 years ago
ATLANTA - Former President Jimmy Carter took time to shake the hand of every passenger aboard a recent commercial flight from Atlanta to Washington.
3 years ago
They met former President Jimmy Carter, who shook hands with every passenger aboard the plane. Carter was flying from Atlanta to Washington D.C.
3 years ago
Jimmy Carter greets and shakes the hand of every passenger. Former President Jimmy Carter delights his fellow fliers as he greets and shakes the hand of every passenger on his plane.
3 years ago
Former President Jimmy Carter works his way down the aisle, shaking passenger's hands, on a flight last week. Posted: 12:34 p.m.
3 years ago
Morning Joe's Mika Brzezinski was joined by her co-host and newly announced fiance Joe Scarborough at her father's funeral as President Jimmy Carter delivers a eulogy to his former national security adviser. Zbigniew Brzezinski died aged 89 in a ...
June 5, 2017
May 2017
May 11, 2017
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April 2017
April 2, 2017
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March 2017
March 5, 2017