I Like It Facebook Status
i like it facebook status
9 years ago
So couples, that means if you choose to have one profile, be aware you'll get plenty of eye-rolling and judgment for going against the Facebook status quo. ...
9 years ago
You may have noticed today the Facebook statuses of women all over your news feed. Don't think dirty! It's not about where women would like to do the deed. ...
9 years ago
Deb Rox and 100010100101 others like this movie. Mark Zuckerberg does not like this movie. Make this your status update. Contributing Editor Deb Rox ...
9 years ago
Most of you probably already have a Facebook account; it's almost the exact same thing as your Facebook status. Recently, I've broken down. I feel like ...
9 years ago
So of course we don't question that 1688 (in my case) of our friends want to know that we just ate a delicious meatball sandwich, via a Facebook status ...
9 years ago
Polonius thinks this curtain looks like a good thing to hide behind. Hamlet added England to the Places I've Been application. Ophelia loves flowers. ...
9 years ago
"I like it" Facebook status updates have been taking over news feeds since the beginning of October. Don't be alarmed if your mom proclaims, "I like it on ...
9 years ago
The Face Book will allow you to talk to your friends on the Internet, look at their pictures, view their relationship status, and keep in touch with them. ...