DC Earthquake
dc earthquake
9 years ago
... well this one is scarier! According to reports, the Washington DC area in United States Of America was rattled by a 3.6 magnitude earthquake.
9 years ago
However, the DC earthquake managed to shake a lot a folks this morning just before dawn. This was by no means a big move considering the huge natural ...
9 years ago
Washington DC earthquake that also hit Maryland and surrounding regions in the early hours of Friday morning caused not much. The Earthquake registering 3.6 ...
9 years ago
A few callers into WUSA, a WFMY News 2 affiliate, tell us they knew instantly what they were feeling was an earthquake. But most others say they thought the ...
9 years ago
(Business Wire) Following the minor 3.6 magnitude earthquake that awoke the DC area early Friday morning, Concert Technologies announces its company-wide ...
9 years ago
(See picture) John Lisle, spokesman for DC Department of Transportation, tells WTOP the earthquake did not cause the damage. "We checked out the roadway and ...
9 years ago
BGR: The Burger Joint is offering customers a way to mark DC's minor earthquake cred. From 3-4 pm Friday, BGR will be selling half-priced milkshakes. ...
9 years ago
Residents in Gaithersburg and Germantown had a rude awakening early on Friday, July 16 when at approximately 5:02 am a 3.6 magnitude earthquake lasting less ...
9 years ago
Yes, the DC area had a "minor earthquake" early this morning. It was a magnitude 3.6. There's been no reported damage. I did hear two women discussing it ...