Moss To Vikings
moss to vikings
Stacy Adams
October 2010
10 years ago
The Minnesota Vikings completed their trade for wide receiver Randy Moss by sending a third-round pick to the New England Patriots this morning. ...
10 years ago
Randy Moss to the Minnesota Vikings? A Move like that has the potential to shake up a conference, much less a division. The Vikings have been desperate for ...
10 years ago
By Ian R. Rapoport FOXBORO - The Patriots [team stats] have traded star receiver Randy Moss to the Minnesota Vikings, the Herald has learned, completing a ...
10 years ago
Those skills will be needed when dealing with the newest member of the Minnesota Vikings. There were signs that Randy Moss had matured during his years away ...
10 years ago
... about because the Patriots have traded receiver Randy Moss to the Minnesota Vikings following a 41-14 victory over the Miami Dolphins on Monday night. ...
10 years ago
ESPN's hugely popular columnist, "Sports Guy" Bill Simmons, accidentially tweeted "moss vikings" Tuesday afternoon, hours before NFL beat reporters ever ...
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