Nunn Bush
May 2012
8 years ago
Earlier, talking to the media persons on board the special plane of the prime minister, Khar said, "I personally believe that the routes should be reopened as these cannot be stopped for an indefinite period." HoweverÇ she said Pakistan's decision to ...
8 years ago
The team said Bosh is out ''indefinitely,'' though coach Erik Spoelstra and others say the injury could have been worse. Either way, Bosh is out for Game 2 on Tuesday, and sounds like he probably won't play again in this series.
8 years ago
KITCHENER — A second judge has declared a Kitchener man a dangerous offender who should be jailed indefinitely to protect children. Thomas Middeljans, 47, has a record of sex crimes involving boys that goes back to when he was still just a teenager ...
8 years ago
By Barbara Liston | ORLANDO, Florida (Reuters) - Florida A&M University has suspended its celebrated marching band indefinitely as it grapples with the beating death of a drum major and an ongoing probe into the band's culture of violent hazing.
8 years ago
Watkins told KCCI that the Capitol Square post office would remain open 'indefinitely' until the US Postal Service could 'determine how best to proceed.' The American Postal Workers Union and other organizations were planning to rally Monday at 11:30 ...
8 years ago
A PSYCHIATRIC patient has been locked up indefinitely for attempting to kill a South African tourist outside York Minster. Nicholas Barker, prosecuting, said witnesses described Paul Knipe as having a face that “looked dead with a vacant look” and ...
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