Weather radar services returning to Sask.
February 22, 2018
Weather radar in rural Virginia revolutionized storm forecasts 40 years ago
April 30, 2017 Radar stations in Washington, D.C., and Cape Hatteras, N.C., began some partial surveillance of Virginia's weather in the 1950s. At Byrd Field - now Richmond International Airport - a surplus World War II military radar was used to watch the weather ...
Japan to install third weather radar in Mandalay
April 23, 2017 Japan is installing a third weather radar in Mandalay to track the movements and intensity of storms, according to the Ministry of Transport and Communications.
A better forecast for Charlotte? Trump signs law that could bring Doppler weather radar
April 21, 2017 President Donald Trump signed a weather-forecasting improvement bill that could lead to Charlotte getting a long-sought Doppler radar system to warn residents of approaching tornadoes and other violent weather. Trump signed the Weather Research and ...
'State-of-the-Art,' 'life-saving' equipment installed on OU weather radar trucks
April 21, 2017 "There's storms all around us, as if they know they need to be here," said National Weather Center director Berrien Moore.
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