Howard Dean announces Ann Coulter's 'hate speech' is not protected by the First Amendment
April 21, 2017 Remember Howard Dean? He was once the head of the Democratic Party as Chairman of the Democratic National Committee, and Governor of the State of Vermont.
Pennsylvania Starbucks customers pay-it-forward
April 21, 2017 Now get this, if a customer was not in the mood to pay it forward, one of the barista stepped in and paid out his pocket to keep the good deed going forward.
Brie Larson Talks Free Fire, Looks Forward to Captain Marvel Gig
April 20, 2017 After her Academy Award-winning turn in the harrowing drama “Room,” the 27-year-old actress has been sampling a string of new genres, from co-starring opposite a monster movie icon in the recent blockbuster “Kong: Skull Island” to her upcoming stint as ...
Landmarks of Turin Awards: Barcelona vs. Juventus Edition
April 20, 2017 As stupendous as Juventus had looked for the first 75 minutes in Wednesday night's game, as much as the Bianconeri had rebounded in the second half from a first half that was filled with 2-3 golden opportunities for Barcelona, I worried. As we've seen ...
Caps, Sens take step forward while Wild stay alive and Ducks eliminate the Flames
April 19, 2017 If the first three games of the Washington Capitals-Toronto Maple Leafs series were any indication, Wednesday's Game 4 was bound to hit overtime.
Warriors forward Ben Matulino denies Tigers signing
April 19, 2017 April 20, 2017 1:25am EDT April 20, 2017 12:43am EDT Warriors prop Ben Matulino denies rumours he has signed with the Tigers following Wests captain Aaron Woods apparent defection to the Bulldogs.
Camille Paglia: Trump Already Headed Towards Reelection, Democrats Have Overplayed Their Hand
April 19, 2017 "I didn't take him seriously at all," she said about the early days of the Trump campaign. "And then, shortly after the very first Republican debate, I saw Diamond & Silk, the African-American sisters doing a pro-Trump attack on Megyn Kelly on their ...
Hundreds of Starbucks customers pay it forward at drive-thru ...
April 19, 2017 BETHEL PARK, Pennsylvania-- A single random act of kindness started a chain reaction at a Starbucks drive-thru in Pittsburgh. Someone paid for the order of ...
Boston Celtics Rebuilding Plan: "French Draymond," Jaylen Brown, Gordon Hayward & 2017 #1 Pick
April 19, 2017 The panic is palpable in Boston. The #1 seed in the East is down 2-0 to the Bulls. Chicago went 41-41 this season and got into the playoffs on the last night of the season.
No reward yet for McDonald's workers who led police to Facebook killer
April 19, 2017 The owner of a Pennsylvania McDonald's says he is not feeling any lovin' from company honchos after his worker spotted the Facebook murderer. Tom DuCharme praised his eagle-eyed employee but told The Post that he had yet to hear directly from his ...
New LSU basketball coach Will Wade gets second signee in JC standout Daryl Edwards
April 19, 2017 Shareef O'Neal, the son of former LSU and NBA star Shaquille O'Neal and one of the nation's top recruits for the Class of 2018, has committed to Arizona.
Unclear if $50000 reward will be given for Facebook killer tip
April 19, 2017 ... an ongoing investigation into the actions of Steve Stephens, the Cleveland man accused of fatally shooting a stranger on Sunday and posting video of the murder on Facebook and then killing himself after he surfaced in Erie County late Tuesday morning.
George not apologizing for pointed comments toward teammates
April 19, 2017 INDIANAPOLIS - Paul George is not apologizing for pointed comments about his teammates following two playoff losses in Cleveland.
Pacers Insider reveals his votes in every NBA award category
April 18, 2017 The voting for the All-NBA team, of course, has a major impact on the future of the Indiana Pacers and Paul George. If George makes an All-NBA team, the Pacers can offer him a long-term contract that could be about $70 million more than one from any ...
Facebook killer's act was cowardly.
April 18, 2017 Missed come FaceBook killer FaceBook Kyle port OK it was cowardly with heated. He didn't find somebody. Who was close to his age.
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