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Happening Today: Travel Ban, Laquan McDonald Case, Hot Car Deaths, Health Care, Michael Moore
June 28, 2017 According to Logue, the high-school-aged youngster appears to have last been seen wearing a parka near Brooklyn's Barclays Center.
Supreme Court travel ban: Flood of lawsuits expected from ruling
June 27, 2017 While there probably won't be the same level of chaos that ensued after the first travel ban was issued, immigration attorneys expect a flood of lawsuits to erupt out of the Supreme Court ruling that reinstated much of President Trump's Executive Order ...
Iran's Zarif raps US Supreme Court's partial revival of travel ban
June 27, 2017 BERLIN Iran's foreign minister criticized on Tuesday a decision by the U.S. Supreme Court to revive part of President Donald Trump's travel ban imposed on citizens from six majority Muslim countries, saying it would boost militants in the Middle East.
The Supreme Court Ruling on the Trump Travel Ban
June 27, 2017 The Supreme Court's decision to hear arguments on the travel ban is an answer in search of a problem. History since 2001 has taught us that our fear of immigrants is grossly, wildly exaggerated.
Iran's Zarif: 'Regrettable' That US Supreme Court Revived US Travel Ban
June 27, 2017 BERLIN (Reuters) - Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif on Tuesday said it was regrettable that the U.S. Supreme Court revived part of a U.S. travel ban imposed on citizens from six majority Muslim countries, and said it could fuel extremism ...
The Morning Brief: Travel Ban, Syria and Russell Westbrook
June 27, 2017 A limited version of President Donald Trump's travel ban can go into effect until the Supreme Court hears a legal challenge about it in October, the high court said.
Supreme Court Will Rule On Trump's Travel Ban In The Fall
June 27, 2017 Google+. Email. June 27, 20177:41 AM ET. Heard on Morning Edition. In the meantime, the court allowed parts of the ban to be enforced again.
Supreme Court ruling on travel ban leaves myriad questions unanswered
June 27, 2017 The Supreme Court's decision to partially reinstate President Donald Trump's temporary travel ban has left the effort to keep some foreigners out of the United States in a murky middle ground, with unanswered questions and possibly more litigation ahead.
Recode Daily: Trump's ban travels to the Supreme Court; Google owes the EU $2.7 billion
June 27, 2017 The Supreme Court said it will allow some parts of President Trump's so-called “travel ban” to go into effect. The case, which will be heard in October, sets the stage for a major decision on the scope of presidential power.
Happening Today: Syria, Travel Ban, Warmbier, Health Care, Harry Potter, DeMario Jackson
June 27, 2017 Anthropology professor Katherine Dettwyler wrote a since-deleted Facebook post that criticized Warmbier, who died last week after being detained in North Korea for over a year, NBC News reported.
5 things for Tuesday, June 27: Syria, health bill, travel ban, Kislyak, hail
June 27, 2017 (CNN) Millennials use public libraries the most, a new report says. Who knew? Here's what else you need to know to Get Up to Speed and Out the Door.
Who can get around the travel ban?
June 27, 2017 Even as it allowed a limited version of the Trump administration's travel ban to take effect for now, the Supreme Court carved out a major exception.
Tennessee pens snarky reply to California's travel ban
June 26, 2017 The bill went on to encourage Tennessee governor Bill Haslam, along with the State Senate and State House of Representatives' respective speakers, to approve a ban on state-funded travel to states with California-esque travel bans in place - a counter ...
What you need to know about Trump's travel ban
June 26, 2017 “Foreign nationals who have a credible claim of a bona fide relationship with a person or entity in the United States,” the court said.
Supreme Court Allows Partial Implementation of Trump Travel Ban
June 26, 2017 WASHINGTON—The U.S. Supreme Court allowed President Donald Trump's administration to implement part of his temporary ban on travelers from six Muslim-majority countries and said Monday it would give full consideration to whether the president's ...
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