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Faking a Time magazine cover is the most Trump thing ever
June 28, 2017 (CNN) There's a Time magazine cover photo featuring Donald Trump hanging in at least five of his golf clubs. The only problem, according to the Washington Post's David Fahrenthold, is that no such cover exists.
Trump golf clubs displaying fake Time magazine cover
June 27, 2017 The Trump Organization's golf clubs in America and Europe have been displaying a fake Time magazine cover depicting the president, The Washington Post reported Tuesday.
TIME magazine's cover depicts Russia overtaking the White House
May 18, 2017 Twitter users posted their reaction to TIME's cover, including those who mocked it and others pointing out that it had similarities to Mad magazine's December 2016 cover. Mad Magazine tweeted, "Once More, With Stealing Dept. TIME MAGAZINE RIPS OFF ...
Wait. Is that Time Magazine cover just a rip-off of Mad Magazine?
May 18, 2017 A few minutes ago, we showed you the widely-adored-by-liberals cover of the new Time Magazine. Now, it looks like someone is a little peeved about it.
House Science Committee members asked Trump to stop reading fake news—including from Time magazine
May 18, 2017 “According to a story reported by Politico on May 15, 2017, your Deputy National Security Advisor passed along printouts of two Time magazine cover stories - one, a previously identified and debunked internet hoax purporting to be from the 1970s ...
New Time magazine cover depicts Russian White House takeover
May 18, 2017 With Russia's 2016 hacking of DNC emails and the overall shadowy nature of their social media use, Time cites a former Pentagon worker saying: "Using these technologies, it is possible to undermine democratic government and it's becoming easier every ...
Striking Time magazine cover shows Russia taking over the White House
May 18, 2017 Before it even hit newsstands, the May 29th issue of Time magazine was already making headlines. The striking cover image shows Russian-inspired architecture taking over the White House like a colorful octopus.
Time Magazine cover depicts the Kremlin overtaking the White House
May 18, 2017 The magazine's latest cover depicts St. Basil's Cathedral - probably meant to represent the Kremlin - overtaking the White House (literally).
Time magazine releases striking cover showing White House transforming into Kremlin
May 18, 2017 For the first time in more than a decade, Time magazine's front cover has abandoned a cover line and instead given over the space to a drawing of Donald Trump's White House, morphing into the Kremlin.
A Top Trump Aide Reportedly Handed Him — In All Seriousness — a Hoax Time Magazine Cover
May 15, 2017 A deputy national security adviser to President Trump reportedly handed him - in all seriousness - a hoax Time magazine cover, Politico reported Monday, citing four White House sources. K.T. McFarland reportedly gave Trump a printout of two Time ...
Donald Trump and the TIME Magazine Behind the Ice Age Hoax ...
May 15, 2017 The fake cover story about a coming ice age, which was reportedly passed to President Trump, is a doctored version of this cover from 2007.
Patriots QB Tom Brady named as one of TIME Magazine's 100 most influential people
April 21, 2017 New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is, even though many outside of the northeast may want to dispute it, the face of the NFL.
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