Vaibhavi Merchant's sister Shruti ties the knot with Telly actor Dhruv Bhandari! Read all the deets about the ...
June 28, 2017 Congratulations to the newly married couple and we wish the two a life full of happiness ahead. Published Date: June 28, 2017 1:29 PM IST.
Supreme Court Confirms 'Constellation of Benefits' For Same-Sex Couples
June 27, 2017 Fortunately, the U.S. Supreme Court stepped into the mix on Monday. The Court issued a per curiam summary reversal of an Arkansas Supreme Court decision, and made Arkansas a better place to live if you are if you are married to person of the same sex ...
Bill Russell tells legends he would kick their (butts), Isaiah Thomas finishes fifth in MVP voting: Boston Celtics ...
June 27, 2017 The NBA held its regular-season awards show Monday night and the greatest winner there stole the show. It wasn't Stephen Curry, Draymond Green or anybody else on the mighty Golden State Warriors, but the GOAT winner, Bill Russell, who kindly informed ...
2000 Idaho Power customers without electricity in Pocatello area due to multiple outages
June 26, 2017 The Pocatello Fire Department was dispatched to a downed power line on Jefferson Avenue around 7:45 p.m. Monday that was brought down by high winds.
WATCH: Bill Russell tells five NBA legends he'd 'kick their ass' at NBA Awards Show
June 26, 2017 The inaugural NBA Awards Show took place on Monday, and while it was the first time the league has held an awards show, it will be hard for any moment to top Bill Russell's appearance. The Boston Celtics legend was in attendance to receive a lifetime ...
Watch the trailer for Albert Pyun's Interstellar Civil War
June 24, 2017 Interstellar Civil War stars Brad Thornton, Ellie Church, Kelsey Carlisle, Paul Gunn, Clare Hoak, Tommie Vegas, Jennie Carroll, Ashley Campbell, Nathan Ferrier, Nick Rush, Fulvia Santoni, Moorea Wolf, Anastasiya Vasilyeva, Scottie Jax and Cat Cakmis.
'Doctor Who' recap: 'World Enough and Time' possibly hints at new Doctor, plus an 'Interstellar' time twist
June 24, 2017 It's the beginning of the end of season 10 of “Doctor Who,” and it's ending with a two-part adventure. Episode 11, “World Enough and Time,” appears to be setting the stage for Peter Capaldi's exit at the end of the year - in fact, the episode begins ...
'Doctor Who' Regeneration Review: 'World Enough And Time' Goes 'Interstellar' For The Season's Best Entry
June 24, 2017 Taking a cue from writer and director Christopher Nolan's science-heavy Interstellar, Moffat has concocted a plot in which time itself has become the enemy of the Doctor and his companions.
NASA's CHESS to study interstellar clouds
June 24, 2017 NASA is launching a sounding rocket CHESS on June 27 to study vast interstellar clouds and know about the earliest stages of star formation.
Kragthorpe: Jazz have a good story to tell free agents ... if Gordon Hayward is in it
June 24, 2017 (Leah Hogsten | The Salt Lake Tribune) Utah Jazz forward Gordon Hayward enters Vivint Smart Home Arena, Friday, April 28, 2017 as the Utah Jazz prepare to meet the Los Angeles Clippers for Game 6 during the NBA's first-round playoff series.
NASA's tenth attempt at launching sounding rocket to create interstellar clouds postponed
June 23, 2017 NASA's tenth attempt at launching sounding rocket to create interstellar clouds postponed. These clouds, or vapor tracers, that will allow scientists on the ground or by aircraft to visually track particle motions in space, may be visible along the mid ...
NASA CHESS mission to probe interstellar cloud
June 23, 2017 CHESS measures light filtering through the interstellar medium to study the atoms and molecules within, which provides crucial information for understanding the lifecycle of stars.
Neutral Buckminsterfullerene in the Diffuse Interstellar Medium
June 23, 2017 The proposed attribution of the diffuse interstellar bands at 9577 and 9632 \AA\ to electronic transitions of the buckminsterfullerene cation (i.
Rotimi Tells Us His Craziest Tour Story & Talks "Power" Season 4
June 23, 2017 "Power" season 4 is just about here AND Rotimi spilled the beans on what is to come. If you're a fan of Power like everyone else then you know the excitement for season 4 just can't be held back any longer.
Nancy Pelosi Tells Democratic Critics, 'I Think I'm Worth the Trouble'
June 22, 2017 WASHINGTON - The House Democratic leader, Nancy Pelosi, strolled before the cameras on Thursday with defeat at her back once more, projecting a well-worn swagger - brash, defiant, more than a little off key - as she insisted that her moment had not ...
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