Elizabeth Banks apologises for Steven Spielberg diversity comments
June 16, 2017 Actress Elizabeth Banks has apologised to Steven Spielberg after she wrongly "called him out" in public for never directing a film with a female lead.
Sie bereut ihre Kritik an Steven Spielberg
June 16, 2017 Star-Regisseur Steven Spielberg (70) besetzt seine Hauptrollen nie mit weiblichen Schauspielerinnen - so der Vorwurf von Elizabeth Banks (43, "Mädelsabend") bei einer Preisverleihung am Dienstag in Beverly Hills. Doch die Anschuldigung scheint sie nun ...
WIF Crystal Award Winner Elizabeth Banks Apologizes For Calling Out Steven Spielberg Over Lack Of Female Leads
June 15, 2017 UPDATED, Thursday, 4:15 PM: Elizabeth Banks, who called the legendary filmmaker Steven Spielberg out on Tuesday night before 900 people attending the Women in Film Crystal Awards for not directing films with female leads (he has with such films as ...
Elizabeth Banks Apologizes, Says Shari Belafonte Corrected Her Steven Spielberg Flub
June 15, 2017 Elizabeth Banks has apologized for her criticism of director Steven Spielberg, saying he's never made a film with a female protagonist despite having directed the seminal film “The Color Purple.
All you need to know about Elizabeth Banks, Steven Spielberg and 'The Color Purple'
June 15, 2017 If you're going to call someone out, it helps to do a little homework. Actress-director Elizabeth Banks was reminded of this after commenting on Steven Spielberg's record when it comes to directing films with female leads.
Elizabeth Banks calls out Steven Spielberg: 'He's never made a movie with a female lead'
June 15, 2017 Elizabeth Banks delivered some hard truths about women and Hollywood on Wednesday, which included a knock for hallowed director Steven Spielberg.
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