Stephen A Smith Laments MLB for Players Policing Themselves While 'Predominantly' Black NFL, NBA Have More Rules
May 19, 2017 During Friday's “First Take” on ESPN, Stephen A. Smith reacted to Colombian-born Atlanta Braves pitcher Julio Teheran plunking Dominican Republic-born Toronto Blue Jays outfielder Jose Bautista in the thigh the day after Bautista stared at Braves ...
Stephen A Smith to join First Take full-time to debate Skip Bayless
May 3, 2012 With all of the talk about Sarah Phillips lately, ESPN snuck something past the goalie that would have generated a lot more rage if people actually knew about it. Stephen A Smith will be joining First Take full-time as Skip Bayless' debate partner.
Your Daily Trolling From Skip Bayless And Stephen A Smith
December 14, 2011 The daily double trolling of Skip Bayless and Stephen A. Smith, or what I like to refer to as Occupy Common Sense, was on full display as the two debated Dwight Howard's future and a possible trade to the Lakers. (I know, a Tebow free three minutes, ...