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Hear 'Voice' Singer Barrett Baber's Emotional Tribute to Fallen Soldier
April 14, 2017 A native of Franklin , Massachusetts , Pirelli volunteered for military service in 2003 as a Special Forces (Green Beret) recruit in the Army.
Wounded Special Forces soldier joins forces with injured UK soldier to tackle back to back marathons and the stigma ...
April 13, 2017 He immediately set out to become healthy enough to run in the Marine Corps marathon - accomplishing his goal and then some, fighting to remain on active duty as a Green Beret in support of his fellow SOF soldiers in the fight despite his blindness, and ...
Here's How Charlie Murphy Was a Soldier While Fighting Leukemia and Working on 'Power'
April 13, 2017 They went on to add that he remained the consummate professional he was known to be while performing his role as prison guard Marshal Williams on the popular Starz drama.
Old Guard Soldiers, service members Rally for Washington Caps 2017 playoff run
April 13, 2017 Old Guard Pfc. Gene Chesson and Spc. Kenneth Fluker of the Continental Color Guard pose for a selfie with Slapshot, the mascot of the National Hockey League's Washington Capitals during a Stanley Cup playoff rally near the Fort Myer Dining Facility ...
I Got Soul But I'm Not A Soldier: Does Hela Destroy Asgard With The Soul Stone In 'Thor: Ragnarok'?
April 12, 2017 One thing is for sure though, when heading into Infinity War, Hela certainly won't be holding the Soul Stone at the end of Ragnarok - cue another lackluster Josh Brolin cameo. Check out the trailer for Thor: Ragnarok and don't forget our poll below!
North Korean soldiers pictured laughing and relaxing
April 12, 2017 But the threat of war doesn't stop the soldiers of North Korea's army from letting their hair down once in a while, as these pictures from the reclusive state show.
US special operations soldier killed in Afghanistan
April 9, 2017 Bill Salvin, a spokesman for the NATO-led coalition in Afghanistan, told CNN. The commander of US forces in Afghanistan, Gen.
US special forces soldier killed in Afghanistan operation against ISIS
April 9, 2017 An American special forces soldier has been killed in a combat operation against Islamic State extremists in Afghanistan, the Pentagon said Sunday.
German army investigates soldiers over 'Heil Hitler'
April 9, 2017 The German military's counter-intelligence agency is looking into 275 suspected right-wing extremists in its ranks, including a soldier heard saying “Heil Hitler,” the Defence Ministry has told parliament in a letter seen by Reuters on Sunday. About ...
Prince William and Prince Harry Join Forces With Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to Honor Fallen Soldiers
April 9, 2017 Prince William, Prince Harry and Justin Trudeau came together Sunday to remember the armed forces who sacrificed their lives at the 1917 Battle of Vimy Ridge.
IS in Afghanistan: US special forces soldier is killed
April 8, 2017 An American special forces soldier has been killed while carrying out operations against the group known as Islamic State (IS) in Afghanistan, the US military has said.
US special operations soldier was killed today in Afghanistan
April 8, 2017 (CNN) A US soldier was killed Saturday while conducting operations in Afghanistan against ISIS-Khorasan, the local branch of ISIS there.
American soldier killed fighting ISIS in Afghanistan
April 8, 2017 ABC News. Log In. U.S. · International · Politics · Lifestyle · Entertainment · Virtual Reality … … Entertainment · Virtual Reality · Health · Tech · Investigative · Sports · Weather · Privacy PolicyPrivacy Policy · Your CA Privacy RightsYour CA ...
Who Made the Carved Soldier that Daryl Found on 'The Walking Dead'?
April 2, 2017 The Walking Dead Season 7 finale was amazing and epic all rolled into one. But one of the questions that fans have following the finale is about a certain carved figure that Daryl found.
Real Bourne Identity: US Navy developing enhanced 'super soldiers' with boosted brainpower
April 2, 2017 Donald Trump is looking to improve his military as the US faces potential conflict in numerous areas of the world. A worrying Pentagon report revealed that the US would lose in a World War 3 scenario against superpowers Russia and China, due to their ...
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